Because of the protection

August 26 [Mon], 2013, 15:19
; locking, anticipation, aiming, shooting. Jckpot (general)! Buckle under the trigger of the moment, Carlos knew his kill record has completed again refresh. As a pure English, he was able to recognize the world has been listening to a bedtime story from the brain, King Arthur, the Knights of the round table knights fee ona legend, legend, legend of Robinhood...... Young mind heroic, so he dreams of becoming a way to protect the weak existence. And he certainly do so, with outstanding achievements was admitted to the military academy, he became a member of a British counter-terrorism special forces s, no molecular and terrorist threats to world peace bullying struggle. Because of their own talent, Carlos became a very good sniper, even with the excellent record has been the major (Senior Inspector). It has realized his dream, although this dream has been gradual deterioration in constant battle. Fear no molecules do not expressed that he is a terrorist no molecule in the head. A name, even the end of fried Canada Goose Borden Bomber no bomb into the crowd explode too, anti-terrorism forces always late, always North Face Windstopper Clearance in fear no molecular conspiracy when half of the arrived, often see as shown no Wei killed people and to those people in the Middle East at the crazy life, Carlos finally is an angry child didn't play a ended their lives. But the fact that the dead can only be minions, summit will not actually occur, or that they themselves and the government have some shady business deals...... After all, if not the criminal justice, the messenger will be laid off? Carlos vaguely guess it, but consciously choose to ignore, the world should not so dark. But then, Kensington CG55 Sale Carlos encountered the situation but let him completely unable to face their own...... Because of the protection of the weak, since the childhood belief, his women (especially girls) and the child is unable to start, in the city in the war on terror he had not suffered terrorist without this type of molecules, but when he came to the East with his squad of the implementation of covert missions, he met do not choose what fine. When the distance of target not how far, they unexpectedly found one with two children of women, and her seemingly random walk and will inevitably find doubts carry loaded guns soldiers! It is a very bad finishing condition, covert action if it was found the consequences be unbearable to contemplate, squad members advice is solved them to prevent future trouble, or in the enemy camp areas like sheep into the tiger's den, as the captain Carlos hesitated, as a sniper on high will all into the eyes finally he made a he will regret a lifetime decision. Don't kill them, so that they will not make a noise. The players did, but compared to directly kill prisoners the difficulty is high too much, especially the target for three fine condition. Women and a child on schedule is from behind the stun, but left a little girl is to let out a loud enough to make km range heard screams! Although the team timely rescue let it scream support for less than half a second, but the secret team storm no dew has...
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