Wind Spirit frightened look

August 01 [Thu], 2013, 12:30
> "Poof!" One Xue Wu after the monster's claws are Xiaoduan, dropped to the ground, into a ball blood. "Roar!" Monster blew again, but this time it is pain Suozhi. Swing to the other paw, a Chezhu still fly unto Qing Yang sword hilt, life thrown. Monster behind leader chest vortex continues to absorb all the space around. Right-handed sword must Rhapsody, angular sword slowly flew his chest, sword pointed at the leader among North Face Down actually! "Rip!" With most people exclaimed. Angle drilling vortex sword, but did not penetrate the leader north face sale store of the body, but suddenly disappeared in a vortex, like left this world. No way to live Staring leader's every move, wrists flip, turn around and break Qianjun Qing Yang sword stabbing leader of the potential, of course, but also the first over of that monster. "Bang!" Qing Yang sword again monster caught. This time, Qing Yang sword caught while already pierce the monster's body. "Pop!" "Pop!" Monster's body began to fragmentation, fragmentation white light shining on the mouth, the original place, it is clear yang sword stabbing place. "Boom ......" monster into countless fragments, flying Quartet, flight, and then into a pool of blood, four sprinkle splash. This scene, however, did not allow the presence of people feel uncomfortable. And now these people are nothing but watching the leader shouted, looking at his chest that vortex! Body shook, and the leader met with the head sweat. Finally, whirlpool, a wisp of smoke wafting, followed by a steady stream of wafting in the air together, converging to a beast shape. Last ray of smoke wafting leader dispersed chest vortex, long out of breath. Watching smoke gradually forming, guru Dan Xiao: "live, you can recognize what is this it?" Presents in front of everyone, is the one and as a bull size, shape and unicorn but somewhat alike, a monster black hair . Reality nodded: "Imagine that you can move out of the animal haitai soul." Leader sneered, feeling haitai skin, suddenly shout: "Go!" Haitai roar heard, no way toward reality. Shen reminder sword must face reality volley scored, Zhipi haitai head horn. Leader looking dull, quietly looking down ...... Qing Yang Jian Pi "thump!" Bang, all the people held their breath, lightning, the people are happy people worry. The joy is Evil disciples, and worry, but it is day Huashan disciples. Qing Yang sword so sharp, actually split not open haitai horn. Leader then only a little smile: "Oh Oh, reality, it seems that you and the year of Qing Yang reality, we still have gaps it." Wait live animal haitai answer, danced Puxia. No way to live the first move of the local, dodged a flutter of this deadly, turn around and hit the ball to a spiritual, positive boom in haitai horn, and still no effect. Even so, as we all know, if it is useless to fight elsewhere. Furthermore, said the year is not a real sword Qing Yang will split haitai horn. "Humph!" Jim walk away and dance a group of black gas, sleeves coiled up, jump to live beyond thirty feet, waving robe thrown. Instant black gas filled in the mid-air, covered the sun, really personal in the black air, surrounded a dark, single finger feint, Qing Yang sword piercing pierce the black air, by Jianguang distinguish orientation, stepping to to a safe place. Turned around and looked, there haitai left and right with the leader, points on both sides chase. Reality shook his head, arms fierce Yang, Qing Yang Jian ** clouds above the clouds after a moment, turned, white clouds tumbling, after several rounds of rolling, the sky turned dark clouds. "Pop!" "Pop!" Sound of thunder. Pixia lightning while two each are as thick as a lightning sized. Xun stopped stature, lightning ten feet from the front of the leader's office pixia H under ground. On the other side, haitai looked up, lightning correct split in its horn on top. Haitai sad calls out, back flying, came Gushan above. Twice and then another "click!" Sound, lightning through the thick clouds tumbling down, a man a beast of split. Leader awarded by flash, heart sneer, so taxing the tricks I see you can have for a long time. "Pop!" Haitai horn was hit again. "Click! ......" Thunder breaks out ...... turn flashed, and the leader turned around and looked, cursed: "You idiot, get out!" I do not know whether haitai hear his heart think, really a Yueshen dodge and over, Giant thunder in Gushan above, do the whole mountain rumbling sound. Large rocks off. Mountains, stone house is rickety, Wind Spirit frightened look around, looked at the text slate bed clothes, a helpless ...... forests over time, a red light flying, but stopped. Looked up at the sky, the man frowned: This is not our day Huashan Yu Lei surgery it? Is Resident Evil is my master them now up? To those who is none other than positive Men's North Face Apex Bionic Hin. The sky is heard thunder big ring. Positive Xuan smile, how to do? Seems to have to pay to get started, and I do in Resident Evil honest enter it? Sometimes actually dilemma. Well, first look at the situation to hide it. Positive Xuan Xiangba, harrying the Piedmont, and ran away after the mountain. "Boom!" Thunder underway, lightning pixia, this is the seventh of lightning, three of which hit haitai, Gushan four times but had hit the top of the mountain. After this time looking to steal a mountain CKS Xuan, hearts surprised, it was actually the head of the Trick. Instant look, Evil among the less positive Xuan a main stand where we can see that spiritual fruit that has been sent to Wen Yi's mouth. "Boom!" Eighth lightning and split in the mountain, and suddenly shake the entire mountain, all men are one exclaimed: "The mountains to collapse!" <
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