when I have not said activity only

August 15 [Thu], 2013, 11:49
The 231 chapter; heart into molten you heard not, the O Nick Sia FD and the peak away. NND, we're opening up wasteland for several days, preferably also Canada Goose PBI Expedition Parka Men hit 50, but they seem to open up wasteland today after yesterday, what's wrong with you don't use any bug. The TM is a hateful, now the whole tribe of game player in scold us scarlet Dynasty didn't ability, a boss FD can't get any, simply disband. Head, otherwise we don't call this oni ekexiya, experience to make molten, I heard the old 1 is quite simple. And in here every day of the O Nick Sia also to scold, might as well go to the molten core, try to grab a FD, let us have a look the scarlet empire is not useless tribes that group of people. The peak after O Nick Sia's news soon spread to the tribe, at first the invincible juggernaut classmates invincible wind also don't believe, but watching y*y online crazy preach screenshots, the great leader and under dense top peak membership group photo, he believe this is true, then the entire tribes were painted screen cursed blood Dynasty didn't ability, but the peak and so on. So invincible airflow regardless of their still under the boss, directly open Mai said in y*y. This suddenly attracted the bloody dynastic member scamper opened boiler, also scolded those tribes game player did not understand that blind spray, results of a distraction boss even forget, they once again fell on O Nick Sia's feet. But this time because the eradication group distraction causes more aroused everyone these days suppressed depressed irritability, even to run corpse did not run, have quarrel, request a copy of invincible juggernaut wasteland to rob a FD. Airflow to shut up, when I have not said activity only Kmap talk about boss things, other things are not allowed to talk about, you're my brother, I don't know the rules. Also, the brothers be quiet, the peak they had boss is their things, why don't we call boss. For now, O Nick Sia is not a FD server, but the Horde FD haven't appeared. If we do not fight, don't leave until after the play? The alliance is not more despise our tribe, we have the face to say is the tribe first guild. Romantic Blademaster when heard the news is not believe, Montebello CG55 Parka but consider the peak since the excellent results North Face Softshell Outlet consistently in after formal operation, this time they get FD if it is normal. But he did not expect such a message will make the whole team distracted, even before boss forgot to hit, said death went out. Listen to y*y and all the people NiYiYan I a language is moving, he became a hate iron not steel feeling, then angrily. Tell me now, you still can't play boss, if you still do not want to fight, I will not continue to force you, but please exit the scarlet Empire, we don't need a coward, now you decide. Invincible juggernaut words after the bloody Dynasty for a long time, no sound, so he continued. President, you said, we just wrong, not just a FD, this let them peak took,
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