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> Multi-cited Liu Zhao enlightenment came to the hall, chemotaxis magnetic door. WWw. qUanBen. COm Korean Air, the king five other people waiting in the hall early, came to see the main fact, have stood up to greet salute: "main fact good ......" Liu enlightenment waved to indicate you free gift, saw two ground cover with silk the body, and asked Han empty: "Advisor, which is why Vice recruited and Cao Duozhu? they die and stone recruited as deputy?" Han empty nodded: "Yes, the main fact, janitor's brethren a brother get up early to go out to urinate found two snow Rendui stand on the big door, think of stone recruited encounters, the brothers immediately think that there is not someone Rendui snow. called several people lying on open snow, alas , where two of the neck is wide Cao Zhen draw the sword, die to see if they are the same person as the estimate, they wasted step ah! "" main fact, we must find the murderers, revenge for them ah! "" beggars never tolerate their arrogance! "hall a few people listen strategist tirelessly Road Ends, roared against the common enemy. Han empty drink made everyone: "We Hush, the main fact own ideas!" Liu enlightenment thought a long while, turn to ask the king five: "I told you to go check Stone recruited there last night, did not you find out?" King five Ji said: "Back the main fact, checked under the stone, recruited last night with two hands to go on is the Joy Tsin Lau and Plum girl drinking, according to Plum girl accountable, Stone recruited to play with Plum until about two more days to go back. recruited those two stone entourage, comprising also asked, according to them, they are two stone recruited and went back to the door Zongduo sleep after he told them to go back to the room to rest his two one person back home. Stone's wife said he was recruited by night did not return, which Stone recruited was attacked proof should be occurring during this time and place that is Zongduo near the door. "" Oh, they say is true? "" Back to the main fact, under the sentence to determine if they are accountable to the truth! "Liu attain long breath, look dignified five commanded the king said:" I'll give you four hour, you go last night to check the movements of the two Ho Cho, faster! "King five:" They are under the morning after the accident has been sent to investigate, and under which seven teams look back to December. "" Go. "watched go after the king five, Liu enlightenment immediately called beggars seven bags to come over to meet the elders, and commanded you this: In order to Members of the security, this time little things do not go out, go out to take a few more brothers accompanied by any two stones together Caoduo Zhu, vice recruited three are beggars in seven bags of elders or more. Murderer must beggars inside me very understanding of the purpose of dealing with this is to help my head hit the middle, hope you go out after work when you do have to be careful. Han leaned to empty, and whispered: "this wait will be very passive, as we lead fish uppercut? Tonight Do we have to send more people in front of the gate Zongduo laid wait?" Liu enlightenment nodded and said: "This post to running a non-Gu, remember, be sure to conceal! "Han Kongdao:" Well, the main fact we also have to be careful,Oakley Scalpel Sunglasses, and not the purpose of the murderer in this, I guess his ultimate goal is the main fact you are ah! "" I know. "Liu enlightenment nodded, looked up to leaders who commanded of you to sit down:" I did not find the perpetrators before we must be careful,Cheap Oakley Oil Rig, well, closing it! "past meetings, everyone is passionate defense group, got angry quarreling with Bo a positive spirit. Today the situation is different, everyone is doing sit silent, even this leaves no Di fearless guy was silent, his children have born, their children do not want to be gone a birth father. His pressure is not small. Quietly down the entire conference are very depressed. Of the people, when the threat came to his head, that was so helpless panic anxiety. Liu enlightenment to know everyone's mood must be very worried, elusive enemy, maybe the next one is to own a lie! Who is afraid of the current life? The enemy in the dark, I am in the open, this crisis is more severe than ever. Liu enlightenment feel an invisible pressure heavy pressure on their shoulders a great responsibility it. Meeting a scattered, leaving Han Lau enlightenment together to discuss countermeasures empty, then the king five hurried back, panting: "The main fact, already under investigation clearly!" Liu attain unto the king five profuse sweating, pour a cup of tea to the king five : "Oh, it was quick cup of tea again!" King five took the cup, looking upward, a drink, said: "the main fact, Cao Duozhu been to Silver Moon Square last night gambling with three followers. He recruited is to go south of the business, there are eight brothers follow the strange thing is that they are returned to their home after midnight when I do not know why a man ran out before brutally murdered! "After listening to the words of Wang Wu, Liu and Han empty invariably attained asked: "At midnight cold, how they will run out of their own?" King five: "subordinate also surprised their wives that night, during which they have received a vote coming from the windows of the small piece of paper after home looked after her husband hurried out. "Han empty asked:" Have you ever asked their wives, and that piece of paper to write what the word? "King five:" asked, Cao Duozi wife does not read. He recruited The wife did not see. "Han empty Chen Sheng said:" It's strange, I have both of them dead bodies all over and did not find anything slip. "Liu enlightenment shook his head:" That piece of paper to write the contents must be the murderer leads them bait, murder is the murderer should be found and removed, but that is not the key. "Wang five added:" main fact, asked under what Cao duo's entourage, they account for one and the same doubts, according to their memories, their Back Zongduo have seen a white robe on his way wide Qunyao in dark blue hibiscus do a samurai sword, follow their journey! "" Fuso warrior? "Liu enlightenment suddenly thought of something, exclaimed:" Go with me to see the two of them wound! "Liu enlightenment came to the morgue, Dayton pants carefully check the two wounds, how wide and Cao Zhen between the neck and shoulders are very obvious draw the sword died, and that the wound long and thin and they are all the same parts. Exactly the same as with the Stone Bo ...... Wang five thoughtfully asked: "main fact, you are not suspect that Fuso warrior is a murderer?" Liu enlightenment nodded and analysis: "I have seen how to Fuso Samurai , but I understood the weapons they used it should be called the knife! that knife and like swords, knives are very sharp curvature. tricks used mostly Hengkan vertical split, large-scale cooperation you see their wounds, from Next on the program is clearly cut, and that the wound is not like an ordinary slim long knife of the injury, if the murderer is why the use of the sword cut the moves? "King five dawned praise:" main fact, you said it makes sense ah, you have not seen Fuso warrior can speak so clear, really God! "Han empty twist chin, questions and said:" That is really the murderer if Fuso warrior illogical, I did not beggars and Fuso junction over resentment, say those who Fuso also did not dare touch me again daring beggars in Grand Island Fuso ten thousand people lived, they always are open-minded, studious, with a rigorous ritual to people, how they will for no reason beggars with my enemy? "" They are strict with the ceremony? "Liu enlightenment muttered self concept, think of future generations that brutal ethnic pride shameless biscuits that seem empty talking with Korea not take sides. Wang Wu Ji: "The main fact, whether or not that Fuso warrior, we have to go get him to interrogation is!" Liu enlightenment stop said: "No,Oakley XX META Sunglasses, the murderer if really that Fuso warrior, with you will grasp him? Fuso so much, you grasp a few? "Liu enlightenment meditation bitter thought, suddenly thought of a trace relationship, and asked Korea Kongdao:" Advisor, blood kill help in not there a killer Fuso people do? "Han empty surprised asked:" the amount of the main fact You are suspected to be done to help the blood to kill? "Liu enlightenment pacing analysis:" is not only to help the blood to kill, maybe even the whole society is also involved. adults Korea last time I should invite to dinner, during which the main fact that the blood to kill Cao Wan Zhang leader unreasonable because, I was angry, but he doubled humiliate this person has always been petty and treacherous vicious and I always find it very strange, Cao Wan suffered so great shame that these days could be so calm, and even the whole society also disappeared recently and the whole society to help the blood to kill go close, may have been an alliance, they are forced by the pressure of Korean adults do not dare retaliate Zhang Dan, secretly into the assassination, which happened two days and blood Contact with the help kill I think it is justified. "Wang five agreed:" The main fact, help the blood to kill send checked under there, they kill Lord sale, those killers who are mostly not Turkey, killing one thing, but brought to light They can abscond returning asylum, those killers are divided into four levels according to ability, a killer is the most powerful level, just have a hibiscus man, named Furuta is red, then use the same weapons as the main fact as described! "Liu attain a beat the thigh and said: "That's right, afraid to come out of the dark into. they told me is a thorough study of beggars, kill me in to help in the summit, leading to heart and bring disaster, they seized the opportunity to minimize the cost off my beggars . "Think Korean Air also makes sense, in favor and said:" Well, the main fact is justified,! "" Advisor, you look just that we plan to prepare a bureau, tonight I personally recruited them for the stone revenge! "" Oh, I immediately went to deploy, quasi told him to not return! "Korean Air crashed out. Liu enlightenment think some places seem wrong to the king five told: 'You sent to White Lotus notified soon that they should be careful! "" Yes, the main fact "King five also crashed and went out. Liu enlightenment back Zongduo conference hall, called himself that eight guards, Luo Di dust and leaves no other beggars master. Commanded action tonight! Soldiers to be blocked, the water is said to cover the to light. If this is done to help the blood to kill, I think of them without fear of assassination will not join a headache, and then there is the whole society in the side lining up this monster, then you had better deal with both the capital beggars two gang one out a dark, offensive, Liu was attained unprecedented hardships, he could feel the heavy pressure hit. Even tonight, kill the killer of success, what can, will not want to live a calm, beggars crisis has come. Liu enlightenment grouchy, unknowingly went to the Soviet Union pour wonderful yard. So wonderful to see Liu pour enlightenment frown look, distressed, said: "If that thing is not taken shape yet, how still glum?" Liu enlightenment smile: "The only trouble is, hear about it!" Su Miao Pour softly Q: "What's wrong?" Liu enlightenment sighed: "beggars in the future to deal with both the blood to kill the whole society and help combat situation, you say how can I do?" [..] (if chapters error, please reported to us) <
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