Jingyuan while dealing with the situation

August 09 [Fri], 2013, 10:16
After the priest; Xu opened the door, Li Jingyuan smelled something is not right. Supporting blessing of the new birth, Li Jingyuan was much better than the past, including North Face Hybird the sense is the same, to go over sensitive a lot, he's sense of smell is also very aura. This room smells a bit boring, is that carbon does not burn the flavor, but also because of the cold weather relationship, the windows and doors are not open, so that no air circulation, but also more boring. There's something wrong, please don't come in, as if there is a heavy carbon. Li Jingyuan felt wrong place is here. The weather is so cold, an old man living alone should not be all right on the outside, and a priest should be called, the elderly should be in the home only, after all, there will be a door-to-door delivery of coal today. Hands to his nose, then hold the breath, Li Jingyuan walked into the room. The door, he saw a very bad situation. In short the hut, was a little higher than the aisle floor opened a netg quilt, quilt lay Men's North Face Nuptse Down Clearance an old man is sleeping, but the North Face Nuptse Sale old man's face is not good, in her face showed a very strange red. See this appearance, Li Jingyuan knew that something was wrong in where. The old man is obviously during nap time to forget the aisle burning coal, did not pay attention to ensure good ventilation, result in sleep caused by carbon monoxide poisoning, is what we often say that the gas poisoning. Mingxiu brother, a priest, come on in, Cui Nini gas poisoning. Li Jingyuan immediately went into action, he quickly opened the window, side shouting outside people. And so on, in do not turn on the lights, lights do not open, to prevent the occurrence of explosion fire, Hu, we dropped in on the floor. Li Jingyuan while dealing with the situation, while foreign face to shout. His words is also very important, in the co produce a large number of indoor, because the density of CO is smaller than air, so basically are concentrated in the upper house, although Li Jingyuan has opened a window, but not so quickly to the indoor CO for emptying, according to the laws of physics, the most began to be removed. Is the room at the bottom of the carbon monoxide, so he let people lie prostrate in a good way. But do not turn on the lights is to avoid explosion, because carbon monoxide is flammable, so all the fire may cause an explosion, in the movie, those who make gas 1U and explosion fragments, the real fire basically is electric fire Hu small switch lamp time. After greeting everybody comes to help, Li Jingyuan also not idle, he to open all the windows, and then bent down, to observe the status of elderly, although not a medical student, but Li Jingyuan for poisoning in this common still have little understanding of the. In which Li Jingyuan busy opened, people outside can fryer, later heard his cry, Xu minister came in, followed by to, there are many people who want to follow me, but fortunately Li Jingyuan shouted again, we didn't stop his steps, because the house was too small, for.
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