now who do not know each other

January 07 [Mon], 2013, 15:08
Shen Lang the paper, above has sketched out the many, also slowly put some things to draw out, but even this appearance was still feel that some hazy taste, and even some things are hard to explain, but the piece of paper on the blank has less no less.We can be sure that both sides have started to prepare, is now who do not know each other. How many, who don't know each other. What is now, at least, wave with the most intuitive feeling, to the United States of America is know nothing.This war is inevitable, even from the first, then the next time?Moreover, both sides have Chen pending, not just the bullet, so simple, the hands are placed on the trigger, waiting for the last launch, and now this time, Shen Lang still did not understand the inside secrets.The United States and two military intelligence aspects of what is going on here?They are painted like pancake, made two big families are now involved in it, and even difficult to extricate themselves, or two family has had deep vigilance, just want to through this time things to touch m ō your bottom line?If so, this would explain why the pass, this time they have the order reversed Canada Goose Men's Calgary Jacket, even is the military and was dragged two large family, rather than the two family control military and intelligence.But even in this way, the United States and has two respects how there are certain to win!To know oneself in some degree on top and a big kill is not released!It is not to use the so-called big kill, face-to-face fight, he is not afraid!In such circumstances is still confident, then only two possible x ì ng, one is one's own side has a problem, another is the opposite problem.Watching the white above the two problems underlining, Shen Lang also as if thinking of sth., if it is their own side of the problem, looks directly into a dead end, this may cause a certain impact on the whole plan, but this effect seems to be decided x ì ng, this little grasp of their own or others, and from division at the beginning of the particular attention, to know the fish and shrimps are not affected too much, except to Tang Ling, Qin Kai and Bai Tuohai that their levels.But this is not possible, and home for the new division side also won't have great impact, because in the new division into the preparation stage, will be completely closed, unless hard x ì canada goose parkas 2013; ng to open, but such things in a division began construction will never never happened, if true if the hard x ì ng to open it Canada Goose Montebello Parka, then the new company would have no reason to exist, and the above if really do need to take a big risk, this also may be imagined.So they are now identified, himself does not appear to be any problems.If not himself have what problem, so is their enemy that has a problem, in the absence of guarantee under the condition that they dare to do so, there must be other what plan, and this plan is likely to be directly aligned himself, thought of this time, Shen the waves suddenly have a feeling of distance, he read the plan, seemingly just across a window paper.But how to pierce this window paper, Shen Lang is really not much approach, this is like the opportunity, be with but can not ask, is not to say that you want to pierce can pierce, instead this time too worry it will let himself into a dilemma, such examples are too many, whether domestic or foreign, they do not want to do after Zhu Geliang.From the villa side out, Shen Lang did not go to the party, this two day oneself too many arrangements, may also be considered himself above as the new secretary of the things will be delayed, so as to adjust their teaching, taking advantage of this opportunity to Shen Lang also went to the country to vote there, really there's a little be prompted by a sudden impulse to know their meaning, although in the country voted the famous hanging there, but if not too many things he is seldom to go there.
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