Even the bellow to all don't

August 31 [Sat], 2013, 17:19
When (); again, the more people will stand in Syria dimensional leather that secret transfer matrix family. Hey, why not? Just appeared, three ascend elder too much the heart suddenly a surprised. Although three people for fear of being sheikhs know and Presbyterian already knew this secret, so rarely enter here, but a year ago, they are still here! At that time, everything is normal here, a transfer in, you can see the cross-border transmission of intermediate position! But now? In addition to their Citadel Parka Men dark, will no longer see any other things! Moreover, their Jing powers here also fully stretch not open! But to their surprise, they 2ooo many people sent, but they can get, just a few hundred people! Others completely disappeared! Although here is dark, but to their strength, secretly see or no problem. What happened here? Other people where to go? The two problem was generated in their hearts, not wait for them to want to understand this problem, numerous thunderstorms suddenly appeared around! Each thumb thickness and! The emergence of these thunderstorms, instantaneous let the blackness of space, was completely purple se flash to occupy! Although their first time defense, but because the storm is on their side, they still have some impact! At impact moment, three retired elders knew these thunderstorms every shot is equivalent to the power of God order 8 layer peak master to blow! Such an attack, if it is a single word, they don't put in the eye, but now, it has hundreds of thousands of road, let they too busy to attend to all! In these thunderstorms under bombardment. Three and the elders are not small. On the body by several black smoke hole! God acts level ascend elder too much so. Other people say nothing! Bombardment in those thunderstorms under, in addition to several Presbyterian elder slightly resistance, others are instantly be bombed into fly ash! Even the bellow to all don't worry! Several Presbyterian elder although not death, but they are not far away from death! Because each of them were seriously injured! In just one attack. Each of them by at least a few attack! The body was thrown into a sieve! This is not the most serious! Men's North Face Denali Fleece Clearance The reason to allow the three elders and abandon the rescue is, they now these elders skin is black! Toxin! A very powerful toxin inside this! Just haven't noticed, after seeing those elders who was, they just now. His body also has the toxin! This time, detoxification is the first, as for the elders, can only be abandoned! But, let three people unexpectedly, the body of toxins but imagination! Using the special skills Foxe Bomber Men Sale of family, regardless of their own, now if energy bombardment, those toxins have stubbornly stick in his own flesh and blood, don't move! It has taken root in my body! Not only that, these toxins continues into his flesh in permeability. Constantly to their systemic spread! At the same time, such as the tsunami waves of pain. Continue to impact the three nerve! Stubbornly against in three retired elders)
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