we is not enough manpower

August 30 [Fri], 2013, 15:26
Li Yi's face; se along with Snow Mantra Parka Women a cold, heart way: the sea Zhao your uncle, I give you face, you don't give me face, you are the director of the Municipal Bureau what? No big deal? Mother Greek horses, that painting haven't helped you wo die, things like a dead you got up. ~ Li Yina know, the original Zhao sea was unhappy with Wang Donglei, such a big thing Wang Donglei could not tell him in advance, the responsibility, the results make things so big, in his fine bureau director have to go out in the morning. Although Wang Donglei had an excuse, to say to do not know these people are evil people, just think what criminal gangs, unexpectedly accidentally, met Mr Kay Kang, or they may lidar in the mainland partition. Is its own didn't inform PUC, encirclement and suppression but decided to mobilize the Jing force. But after that, their own in the first time to notify the Council, but also provides a secret base cult in boat on this island is very useful information. This argument is the field to the circle. But Zhao sea heart mirror like, know Wang Donglei is staring eyes blind vernacular, North Face Windstopper Sale how can not know in advance. But the gruel together drink, drink too understand that it's not a good thing, Zhao Dahai cable Xing with one eye open, ignore. It was two in the morning, it is the coldest, Zhao Dahai usually provide for oneself and live comfortably, because if it were not for this special case, how can he be at this time to live. Zhao sea heart is Wohuo no discharge, but Wang Donglei introduced him to Li Yi. It didn't give Li Yi the face se. Li Yi was angry, but also know not to attack, he is the director of the Municipal Bureau, he is but a bar owner. They don't give yourself a face se, but only a. Wang Donglei see Zhao Dahai so don't open face, his face a little bit to hang not to live, to Li Yi with an apologetic smile, Zhao way: not enough number of sea boat now, money Bureau has to send, we is not enough manpower, ship. Li Yi will Wang Donglei aside. Tao: I have a friend who had a speedboat, just do not know a fit your rules? Wang Donglei to Zhao Dahai's direction a lips, small track: that is definitely not the rules, also cannot use. Chilliwack Bomber PBI Canada Goose Li Yidao: it looks happy lidar run? Wang Donglei: now I'm not the only one who play. Everyone has a share, we do not have this worry, Dongling District Bureau Director Qian Hao is mainly responsible for the offshore islands, only his hands under the sea Jing, we don't have much Co heart. My guy. This thing, this time a person you hard, you really hard time together, the hard. You are hard to shout it, you know? Say so. I wish lidar run it, we do have to do all the. Not bad what, shouting that the. Li Yi was not to regard it as right, today this fall planted too violent, previously only can put the clock Mei save out, now Li Yi heart is hate life, the thought of Zhong Mei sufferings, Li Yi hates not to wish lidar torn in two. Since He Huanwen has been arrested, then so be it, wish the lidar is the villain of the piece, not in addition to, the old man is old, don't let him come to an end)
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