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August 30 [Fri], 2013, 17:02
Bee: random; Wan is also to help him, this is very difficult. Zeng Wen: now all the way so much, not extremely urgent. First, Gu eyes. The present million bees coughed, named Du Kuohai helped himself stood up slowly, his hands on the table, said: the elder brothers, friends, the friends. Today is our eight meeting union RI, now has seven Gang agreed to close union, and agreed to by me as general rudder. Think I million bees hedeheneng, can in this office? It is incredible. But we favour, I cannot refute the everyone's face. Okay, now that skilled help brother doesn't want to be involved, that'll be seven help alliance, then a Tongzhi period, together with the foreign, create brilliant. Ceng Wenyuan left a micro swing, Acacia help boys are Canada Goose Mountaineer Jacket immediately applauded, the rest of the gang were also applauded, but the applause briefly seemed not neat, is a fly in the ointment. Deng Youlian has been to discuss with min Hu whispered, force does not agree with the Min Hu join League, but Min Huxian before word has been exported, then don't change, only with Deng you even a niminy piminy. Deng Youlian ears hear the hall applause, suddenly stood up, and said: brother, you do today, later don't regret. Min Hu is an idiot, but face or want, stood up, with a straight face: Deng Youlian, you are to give face shameless? In front of me, round you so talk to me? Deng Youlian lips quivering, said: good good, starting from today, I have no matter what. Have it your own way? I'm leaving. Deng Lianzhuang open to friends of chair, hall went. Min tiger saw him really angry, also feel oneself just said some heavy, was about to get Deng Hybridge Hoody UK Youlianzhui back. Him that beauty has a pull him, and touch and kiss. Min Hu gently earned two earned didn't earn, then took advantage of opportunity to sit down, with a sigh, but the beauty in his arms. Li Yipa Deng Youlian one out by Ceng Wenyuan's calculations, back to Li Guozhu to make an eye se, small track: you and Xiao Feng Deng it stopped, took him first to our car. Li Guozhu promised a sound. Call Feng Lun, two people went out. Previously Ceng Wenyuan catch Feng Lun, Li Yi's car drove back, and later released Feng Lun and Deng You. This car will be also. The hall was quiet for a moment, Rodman far Constable Parka Men UK ha ha smile, way: Deng temper is not small, but this kind of thing later explain, it all right. Is your brother. What can really angry? You say it, min big brother? Min Hu well several times, did not speak. Ceng Wenyuan is quite tall, clear voice way: you. Now we are seven help alliance, but the eight part name cannot be changed. So called eight department. Brothers hand help is it right? Then join, can give. I want to master a few days will get it. OK, now I declare, let's join alliance was founded by eight, 000 bee was elected the first general general, after everybody friendship multiplies joys and divides griefs. Paused again: this time already late, two days later, is also in November five RI noon, everyone gathered here, held a formal succession ceremony. Million bees get up again, said: I thank you all for your support today, brother,.
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