Wenxiu sully also as promised

August 19 [Mon], 2013, 12:49
The new moon; () her face flushed, she dressed in a hurry, I said the new moon queen, you just say please, we'll send you los daughter, you reward us what? Jiang Fan road. As long as you give me and small emperor returned to Los Ancheng, I reward you forty-two thousand gold! The new moon said the empress dowager. Ha ha, forty-two thousand gold is very attractive to people in general, but for us is very general, not enough to attract our. Jiang Fan shook his head. Do you want any reward? The new moon queen finishing messy hair, his beautiful face. Peter was staring at the moon queen mother's face, the money we can not, as long as you spend the night with me, I will escort you and small emperor to Los Ann city. Jiang Fan se fan fan laughed. The Empress Dowager's face was red crescent, you, you are a condition, I you for Chen's empress, how can accompany you to sleep! If this out, I see what after! Crescent mother shook his head. Ha ha, who let you so charming, I have such a condition, if you do not agree, even if! Will the fake Huang Wenxiu back, you not only want to sleep with him, you and the little emperor Xing life may be! Jiang Fan laughed. You, you can change a condition! I can give you promote to a higher office and rank, or give you gold one hundred thousand two! How 's it going? The new moon said the empress dowager. Jiang Fan shook his head: ha ha, I is Xiuxian person, what granted to me as a dummy! I will love you! Or I'll give you the most beautiful Chinese woman chen! Look at this line does not? The new moon said the empress dowager. Oh, there's more to you than on Chen's charming beauty? Jiang Fan laughed. Yes, of north face jackets clearance course. In fact, I was very general, on Chen country beauty very much, I help you se ten beauty, your satisfaction is guaranteed! The new moon said the empress dowager. Oh, your offer is very attractive, but I want you! Since even if you do not agree! Jiang Fan turned to yellow, rich, Weng Xiaowei, Na Jia soil P wave: let's go, or how long, the false Huang Wenxiu Constable Parka Women UK took a lot of people. See the fan to throw yourself no matter, the new moon empress immediately hasty, instead of being the fake Huang Wenxiu sully also as promised in front of the male! OK, I agree! You just need to put me and small emperor to Los daughter after I accompany you to sleep a night! The Empress Dowager's face was red crescent. Jiang Fan turned, since you promised, here we go! Fan smiles. The new moon queen mother pointed at the ground and said: you put them back! Jiang Fan made a point of the two maidservants eyebrows, two maidservants immediately opened his eyes, OK, let's go. Jiang Fan road. The new moon queen into the house hold out the sleeping little emperors, followed by fan et al a castellan mansion, now not bright days, you come CG55 Trillium Parka with me to the inn to rest, to wait until morning, we go to Los Ann city. Jiang Fan road. The new moon empress dowager nodded: good. Jiang Fan et al found at an inn, Jiang Fan and crescent Dowager share a room, you, how do you live in a room and I, not to say that we sent to Los Ann City, I stay with you? The new moon said the empress dowager. Hey, this is I suffer, I stay! This is for your safety. In the event that the fake Huang Wenxiu find you, who protect you? I have to accompany you, you're safe. Jiang Fan deliberately sighs. You, you don't touch me at night! The new moon empress dowager panic. Well, you look at me!
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