Alex was curious and asked

August 28 [Wed], 2013, 10:59
The 1113rd chapter by tree; Li Yan and not a magic spell, also is not evil, but Li Yan himself wanted to things too fascinated, so I didn't hear the question Alex and Aokeliman two people. If Alex had just pulled Li Yanyi put it, it could easily be put Li Yan to wake up, but he didn't think this problem, it will make so big action. Next, Li Yan will Kensington Parka CG55 Women UK show you the reason I will want to arch-criminal things into! In the depths of this space, surprisingly, there is a tall tree. This tree is about twenty meters high, do not know is because not seen sunlight, or the lack of rain's sake, it seems not how lush foliage, like a tree like malnutrition. Li Yan first saw the tree shadow, the heart thinks so too. But soon, Li Yan overthrew their own ideas, not in the sun without rain irrigation space, how could the trees grow to 20 meters in height? Although the sparse foliage of some, but from this tree height, is worthy of a great tree! Thought of here, Li Yan heart can move, looked at the tree to come, seems to be going to put a treasure tree the tree and their hearts to link. But because this tree location is too deep. Some in situ, Li Yanzhan does not see this tree picture, so will be thinking, and walked toward the tree, want to close the have a look this tree is not big trees and of your Canada Goose Vest Youth Sale own mind! Li Yan may be the spirit is too concentrated sake, so we didn't hear the question Alex and Aokeliman two people. Hear Li Yan so explain, Alex was curious and asked: Li Yan, what do you think of this big tree should be what? It can make you so rude? Li Yan didn't care about Alex humorous tone, he declared: in the stern, a very precious rare tree called by tree. By tree like living in the dark dry place, like the cave Chilliwack PBI Bomber Canada Goose space is very suitable for their growth environment, by the tree very demanding requirements for growth environment, somewhat inappropriate will die, so very throughout Stein, precious...... The Yin the precious trees in where? Alex Li Yan said that for a long time, growth environment is introduced by the tree there has been, and did not say what strange place by trees, could not help but interrupted Li Yan, take the initiative to ask out. Li Yan gave Alex a big eyes. He wanted the growth environment by tree and some special requirements introduced so detailed, mainly is to prove to you that this big tree in front of the possibly by tree, who know Alex simply ignore the stubble, only know about the treasures of our tree. It is too tacky! Alex is a thorough and worldly man! Li Yan doesn't live in mind stomach Fei with Alex, but we see that is full of curious eyes, Li Yan had replied: by tree is making the best the world's wand.
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