limit yourself to be filled

August 24 [Sat], 2013, 12:35
Look into my eyes! Chen Jinyuan cried out, lifted the quilt, bed cover that hook people lingerie, rising from the bed, turned and looked with a very strange eyes two girls. Two women heard suddenly Chen Jinyuan drink, got a fright, feeling a little confused the brain Camp Hooded Jacket Women UK awake many, raised his head and white, with a full of silently conveyed tenderness eyes looked at Chen Jinyuan in love at the first sight, under the action of water, one is the blooming, a blurred appearance, in front of the figure of Chen Jinyuan gradually, and they dream of prince charming figure overlap together. Look at the two eyes with one Wang spring water, the kind of crazy eyes just let Chen Jinyuan somewhat cannot bear. Small world, cream cream, you listen, I'll give you gong, but when you wake up, have to forget about what happened today, even the closest people cannot complain in half! Chen Jinyuan applied the Asura demons a word sounds, words with infinite charm, as if a hypnotist general occupation. One of Chen Jinyuan's eyes, as if Chen Jinyuan's deep eyes, there is a huge whirlpool, students will be their whole mind to pull in, to Chen Jinyuan's full of confuse ears heard the voice of the jade, two pairs of eyes slowly into confusion. Every word Chen Jinyuan said, the sonic deeply imprinted in their hearts, they become instinct, after hearing the words of Chen Jinyuan, and two daughters are all very firm nodded, and then under the Shura day magic spell, the two only martial order four or five power girl couldn't resist strong temptation of Chen Jinyuan North Face Waterproof in the sound contains, whether today. What happened, even if Chen Jinyuan really put them well, they absolutely do not want to. Look at that Chen Jinyuan kept turning down the lips, as if the two eyelids hung Chang weight, could not help but closed his eyes. Chen Jinyuan back to the Shura evil sound, two girls hypnosis is also have no alternative against one's will, then give them teaching things, absolutely can't let them put some secrets leaked out, otherwise let Jiang Hongming know no limit yourself to be filled with wisdom, it will definitely bring not the small trouble. Hypnosis, these girls will be tight lipped, if Jiang Hongming asks, these girls would say not to know, and the difficult to talk about, Jiang Hongming must also asked not to come out, even if the question is could not ask why, as long as the girls' up, gave Jiang Hongming a replacement, the all the trouble is no longer the nature. Two women are like two wedding festivities night quietly waiting for Chen Jinyuan's favour, Chen Jinyuan sighed with relief, this fall in love at first sight water taste smell more, the head is a bit dizzy, do not want to delay Canada Goose Vest Men UK time, Chen Jinyuan will be the two girl picked up, on the bed, to sit cross legged. The two fan palms of cover in one's head, open the ancient martial space be filled with wisdom, now out of ancient Wu, the most profound is Helen of Troy's skill, but Helen of Troy had reached the innate state, Chen Jinyuan now only acquired eight heavy realm, want to stress is that two girls perfusion congenital the realm of impossible, can only change the day after eight days of capability, supplemented by several ancient tomb sect of high;
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