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> Makino Calm know this person said do not leave, this clothes is his book last night after tracking Fan replaced, when the roof fell on top of naturally soiled dirt. Tyrant Santo gloomy face, took the clothes looked hard throw on the ground, Chen Sheng shouted: "Do you have any more to say? Last night from the roof of the yin is a thief entered the house and now is your iron-clad will be subject go die! "Makino Calm hearts sigh, underground passage:" It accidentally! "he said:" I have nothing to say, but to me death, not so easy! "slow, he was not saying, but I have something to say, "the voice from outside the house of procedure, was actually a woman's voice! Everyone was surprised, looked outside to enjoy the fun. Yaya was actually coming out! most surprising than the static Makino the wind, he did not understand Yaya appear at this time, trying to do. Yaya at the door was blocked. Yaya actually unafraid, she loudly: "I know where Mu Gongzi last night! I want to announce his lord! "City Bo frowned and said:" bold handmaid, here is the place to do you speak? She will soon stop back! "Juventa tyrant Santo said:" slow, let her finish nor later! Come in. "Yaya slowly into the house of procedure, the line to the center, kneeling down, mouth and said:" Santo, Bizi venture phase asked whether it suffices to prove Mu Gongzi last night did not have time to commit crimes, they can prove that he is innocent! "Makino Calm underground passage:" how she knew that they want to lower the crime on their own? Yes, and given that I have a place to live just to search for a person to tell her. But do not know how she would say it last night I tracked Fan the book, she has been noticed yet? "Tyrant Santo listened Yaya's words and said:" That depends on the credibility of your words. "But an identity lowly handmaid said the words. How much weight do? Even tyrant lord let her speak in such occasions, is quite a few people's expectations up. Yaya looked back Makino static wind, her eyes had a strange light. then, they heard her and said: "Last night, Mu Gongzi been working with Bizi together. "Tyrant Santo look may seem disappointing, he said:" You so, how it makes one believe you? You are his maid, will naturally seek to absolve him. "City Bo mouth emerges a touch of proud smile. Yaya did not panic, she continued:" The first is the Tyrant city Bizi people, as the credibility of the words Bizi until Bizi after the words , Santo and then making a decision now! "She bit Yaochun, slowly authentic:" Last night after dark, Bizi then to the Mu Gongzi room, and then we - a good joy our bed until dawn we leave. "This remark may sound, give room are scared! Makino static wind is stunned moment mind blank. Procedure hall suddenly became quiet as death! Long, square sounded City JOB voice:" bold Bizi, ask before you , you said last night when the wind is not in Mu residence, but now gone back, is clearly trouble rebellion. "Yaya said:" Bizi and Mu Gongzi things naturally shy person speaks out, so just before the stall to lie, did not think this was a matter of life and death Mu Gongzi relationship, now Bizi had to tell the truth! "City of Bo's face became somewhat ugly, he hissed:" empty rumor, how you believe you let Santo? "Yaya said:" Bizi naturally matter as evidence! "Makino Calm mind if they are hammer percussion, big froze under busy:" Yaya, you have it so why bother? "His heart is anxious and confused, I do not know how to come up with evidence to Yaya. Fleet Yaya waved my arms, pulled out a creature crowd, was actually the girl home has been damaged personal Xieyi! Let human mind is striking pregnant Xieyi has a bright red, like a bouquet of colorful flowers in full bloom. without Yaya say anything, people have come to understand is, sons of Procedure voice sounded a condolence hybrid. Town Bo said: "Good, good so loyal primary care, courage! "Eyes sank, will again be:" Even if you are talking about is the truth, then you first speak clearly deceived Santo! "Yaya prone on the ground, said:" Bizi Gan brought this sin. "City Bo said:" Well, you come! "Yaya stood up, walked to the city of Bo. Makino Calm some bad feeling that he was about to stop Yaya. Was surprised to find a coldness shocked flashed! Would see a dripping blood spilled into the sky, Yaya chest There are a lot of ideas out before blood! shot is the city Bo! his skill incredibly fast! Makino Calm as silly in general, to say a word, only knew quietly watching Yaya fallen, fallen - a beautiful body Yaya slowly fall, when her eyes swept Makino calm wind, it seemed smiled - a Makino Calm speak of the blood in his body rushes A ** spicy things straight nose, throat impact, and his hands. heart is a cold. Procedure Beth city hall sounded hollow. No blood, no meat's voice: "fool Santo who shoot to kill! "Makino's hand in a calm wind above the hilt, he has committed a war, even though he knows this time his shot was very unfavorable. Tyrant Santo stood up and said:" Now things have been identified, this It has nothing to do with Mu wind, Mu wind, you withdraw go. Makino Calm has been aware of the tyrant lord does not seem to want him to hurt. But things are now, Makino static wind has no choice. He broke and said: "Thank you, lord of trust, but I have been irreconcilable with the city of Bo, I want him to Yaya for life!" Tyrant Santo said: "You are a very good man, this should be soaring ambition, how can you order a humble servant and the impulsive? "Makino Calm sad smile, said:" Life in this no distinction or distinction,Oakley Sunglasses Cheap, which is not a father and mother born? "he" front "he heard Yang sword scabbard, pointing City Bo Tao : "I know you want to cause me to death, and now I give you this opportunity!" tyrant Santo shouted: "You shall not JOB rude on the city!" Makino Calm silent, still facing the city of Beth-tip , eyes filled with provocative. Slips, both sides someone shouted: "bold fanatics, dare to speak against this city JOB!" Feeding sound, edged spear with a snake-like sword Xizhi, Makino static wind swept cold, but were seat travel and Chao-chu! The seats are like marksmanship travel chaos non-chaotic, extremely mysterious, but this time before a change of the characteristics, has become extremely stringent, if not seen the man, I'm afraid will mistakenly believe that it certainly is a grown old who will make out marksmanship, appears to be too strong. Gunpoint flick, if the show ten thousand white pear, head straight vent to, the cold blade piercing sound exciting! But Makino Calm know more terrible murderous knife from Chao-chu! Chao-chu is still a sickly appearance, with a total cast doubt on whether he got his hands that can support the thick heavy knife. In fact it is a knife in his hand at extremely spicy quick! Blade misfolding aspect, like flat rolled Melaleuca whitecaps. Makino Calm body, such as the valley of death, disease in less than a blink of an eye the moment seventeen sword, ten sword against Chao-chu, Swords deal seats tour. Mei Yijian are simple and concise, without any messy! Mei Yizhao are as far as possible the process of compression, but just the result of a - a sword piercing each other's body inside. He does not want to grappling with them, but he had no choice. After seventeen sword, Chao-chu has Annealing five steps! The seats are on a tour of the clothes more than a scratch! Peter changed the look of the city changed. Makino calm winds and voice shouted: "This has nothing to do with you, why will ye wade Tan troubled waters?. Seats swim Leng Heng, said:" joke, are we going to watch you fight with the city of Bo fragmentation? "His eyes and Makino static wind touching the eyes, the Makino Calm found very strange look in his eyes. Makino Calm reigning the hearts of a move, suddenly come to realize that class XI tour remark implying that he would not be in, he and Chao determine their status column can not stop Makino static wind? say, they put out a hand, but it is not their intention! At least, seat travel most likely to think so. Makino calm wind on his marksmanship the sudden become rigorous and meticulous very puzzled, but now I somewhat understand the situation. seats will tour the essence of marksmanship that a "chaos" word, and now he has abandoned it, most likely is to give Makino Calm leave more chance! understand this, Makino Calm face calm, dark hearts pregnant but then swim seats grateful he Chen Sheng said: "Relying on you; able to block me? "Voice just down, his whole body was eaten by hawk-like as Luekong sky, volley Ji Xuan, in the hands of the sword streamer flash button, such as the elusive ghostly column to Chao cutting past! Chao column suddenly have an uncanny choking feeling, this feeling is not due to hardship caused by breathing, but a strong heart from within the depths of a sense of suffocation, he felt a move Makino under calm wind, seems to have all his way out all sealed, cold murderous sword from his every pore penetration! Chao column will soon collapse, conceding that he had a strange feeling, as if no matter how they cope identified, each other's sword through his heart always! His heart even involuntarily because of this feeling of contraction, which is a move Makino Calm: death by the sword, but Chao-chu, after all, is a leading expert in such a frustrated state of mind, he is still able to With an almost instinctive reaction, a knife proposition. Makino Calm sword "choke" slamming thrill, draw a dazzling arcs, dense green, red seep seep out of the cold Mang rewind, just Welcome lived seats travel gun, but his sword did not do too much to stay, but soon homeopathic wave, people are slanting dancing, blade Maguo front seats storm cut swim right arm. Before XI tour Chezhao deal, right Makino Calm bowl sink, through the power of the blade a pressure, body fight off volley, cold-like sword as Pilian Daoguang column from Chao flashed, almost equal to his former chest! Chao column involuntarily a mistake, swept back out! Makino possessed of static wind just like maggots, attendant on any Chao column constant changes in stature, but still can not get rid of static wind Jianmang Makino's deterrence! In addition it seems backwards. has no other way. This is Makino Calm purpose to be achieved, due to the Chao column behind Sizhang outside, that the city Bo! prosperous Wen Bao He soon swim behind seats, spear to catch Starchaser months speed, straight tie Makino Calm midfielder! Makino static wind suddenly Lueshen on, Kankan from his spear through a single step. Makino Calm down without waiting XI tour wrists doubled, to resort to the gun as a stick, self- bottom-right femoral to Makino hit to calm winds. Makino calm wind. heart of a dynamic, prosperous and right knee bent, while the left foot as lightning kicked, stepped on the gun just above the seat tour through the power of static wind hit Makino "bomb" out! Chao-chu knife naturally went empty! Makino static wind was tossed nijo tall, volley disease turn, actually distant toward the city from Beth! his heart secretly wonder whether they intend to help him swim seats? otherwise to His superb marksmanship, how make such a mixed trick? basilica is but two feet tall. Makino Calm eye grassland, saw the hall lamp brass lamps hanging on the number, and immediately his sword to cut down, when the fall in copper lamps, He has suddenly thrust helm, sharp matchless Zhangfeng copper lamp shook the city as a meteor-like shooting at primary, while steel lamps,Coach Multicolor Bags, kerosene Zhang Feng shook as rain and fog were generally scattered by! looked a exclaim! Makino Calm The aim is just no time for others temporarily arresting him, where he can successfully get started with the city of Beth-pay. kerosene dodge after another in the crowd when the Makino Calm has been empty, such as ghosts, primary side of the Town floated shot down! Beth still ten feet in distance from the town, the Makino static wind cry Qing Xiao, Jianmang big Chi, implied sound of wind and thunder, like I want to recover thousands of years elapsed time in the air to draw a general Lengmang Trail take the city JOB! city Pak see copper lamps to his roaring. quite sharp if the hand to pick up, I'm afraid will be light on the greasy stained; avoided if sideways, then the light will hit the copper himself behind the screen, small screen damaged trouble, if the oil spill in the river Santo tyrant's body is something big! balance, he had pulled out his knife! Makino Calm and this is the purpose to be achieved , the city's primary killing knife Yaya Makino Calm know the city of Bo's knife horrific! Even more frightening is Makino Calm Jingmei can see where it comes from his knife! city that is not a primary flash of the knife, leaving to others is just a very light very light knife shadow, not so much a knife, it is more a white flash! potentially unknowable Murder is the most dangerous, so rather Makino Calm City Bo pulled extract his knife! Daoguang flash, copper lamps has been picked to fly, even splattered knife wind shook the kerosene is also reflected back while Makino calm winds have taken this opportunity to move closer to the city successfully Beth one shot, that is, a move "Happy Capacity and! "This is only a trick, everyone has enough to make the hall of Procedure moving! No one has seen the sword so elegant and easy. But see Yi Mei fluttering, Jianmang Sheng Xue, between man and sword form a seamless harmony Even this can be made deadly sword, the process has reached its perfection, almost an art! ethereal world swordsmanship child will melt as a furnace, a record four strokes, each have their own merits strokes , and "Happy tolerance and" a trick, is the most elegant and graceful, it is mainly the ethereal blend of Emei sword, swordsmanship impassioned Donghai Island impassioned joy, splendor of southern Gusumurong sword while "Magic disappear Long Road "is pliable;" knowing too much "quaint pure;" life and death by the sword. "quick spicy. four strokes swordsmanship swordsmanship already the world unite in the specialty inclusion therein. This arena-style learning is contrary to the conventional. invasive method of any one martial art, has one and only one aspect of the strengths, or Guibian mysterious, or light and agile, simple or refined, ethereal only child,oakley sunglasses cheap, to a mere four strokes, they put them unite expertise inclusive but ethereal Makino Calm child has told that he must not think that this is the highest level of swordsmanship, ethereal child believe that when the sword reaches the psychic realm as a god, just a trick, it will be between heaven and earth the essence of all Cephas and into which a! which is ethereal sub pursued all these years, but has failed to meet the martial realm! city Pak see Makino static wind moves so extraordinary, heart jing, thought: "This kid young, The trick was to use the furnace can be described as a very seasoned, it really is some history! "Lengchi heard, his knife was welcome to go up in the twinkling of an eye, knife blade Huanchu countless movies, such as the flying snow straight roll Makino Calm stature unchanged, but can vary from back almost regardless of the angle has to even out the dozen knives, City Bo so repair, is sufficient to make people scared of the sword attack phase Ming Jin Tiejiao of voices! Makino calm winds have felt each other's extraordinary knife, a move not succeeded, Now it is a trick "magic eliminate long road," cold electricity dizzy mapped moment. beam has aggregated together, and can not be made fast speed piercing Baoshe, directed at the city of Beth a move among the already endless variations , Murder countless! city Pak sank back, stature Ji Xuan wind, but see his side of the light suddenly filled with a breathtaking, numerous knife shadow criss-cross, airtight, it seems that his entire body has been enveloped in a ball of light among the group! knife wall! Makino Calm mind consternation extremely! which is Shizu ethereal sub preaching blade, his best defense of the power of this trick can be less than the blink of an eye the moment with his own body as the core, Let the layers of clouds in every inch of space Daomang! Makino Calm Peter saw that the city highlights this trick, nature will not let him. saw "knife wall" Jin Rui radiance of the gas, people speak this procedure hall atmosphere poor, feeling quite depressed, several skill incompetent persons involuntarily a few steps back, and even face has changed! Makino quiet drink out of this storm is the odd mysterious Guibian Jianmang suddenly shaped condensate, flat out straight straight to take City of Bo's throat! This move seems too simple, without any modification. without any hidden! people first experience of procedure hall Makino aerostatic a trick "Happy capacity and" the refined and elegant, and later for his one trick "magic eliminate long road" while dumping the odd mysterious Today Makino static wind suddenly out of this move, the reigning were secretly exclaim, do not understand how his sword suddenly become so bad?'s so simple to find the correspondence minimalist, how can In the master when the battle to defeat the enemy? perhaps even people who have not studied swordsmanship could come up with no less than ten kinds of "break the law. "I saw the tip directed Makino Calm primary city, without the slightest displacement flash magic! City Pak already felt tremendous pressure! Only he can truly feel this move Makino Calm terrible. Makino Calm constant is his sword, but in the process toward the city of Bo, his feet already constantly changing pace in almost every step taken is quite different with the previous step by step, his pace of change has enough people dazzled. terrible Makino Calm pace so Guibian one hundred feet, his sword referred to in the direction of the force can remain unchanged. pace changed a person's center of gravity naturally changed, but the focus has changed , gestures inevitably there will be changes, but no Makino Calm! his upper body as if has become a solidified sculptures of people can do that, this world, I'm afraid there are few neighborhoods in the city Bo seems that at this time Makino Calm Like a silent volcano, from the surface to go, he did not have any risk, and in the depths of the volcano, but it is heat surging billow, once the outbreak, surely can destroy all . Town Bo felt his throat and even some dry itch, as if the skin has also been touched here to the other side of the sword brought beholder! Makino static wind every step is so incredible, when he sent an accurate When the final fatal blow, nobody knows when he will be like the pace. naturally be more responsive to this pace never know when the sword-how will change. Makino Calm sword style has been taken from the front of any flat without change, so the opponent can not know the future, pre-shot from Makino static wind out of his last glimpse of what will be a hit the scene, which is the "knowing too much! "City Bernardino nothing is to the" knife wall "becomes meaningless, because the opponent's attack only at one point, all of the psychological changes are actually hairbreadth momentary happen. If Makino Calm great way to attack the crowd surprise, then city primary defense is no small surprise! dazzling Daoguang suddenly all eliminated, the city's knife cemented primary line, even standing still does not move, Wang Feng in the chest. Makino still be able to read the wind moves very few people can understand the city's defensive style of Bo intent and fewer people, perhaps, only Makino calm winds, this trick can truly comprehend the opponent's intention! Perhaps, the only there is this trick to be able to escape this Makino slay a calm wind blow? <
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