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November 10 [Sat], 2012, 17:44

> What are you looking for? The Orion Network segment Tianyi enter mall, Walking Shadow will be able to see him. Segment back to the days of the past one: special forces outfit. Walking Shadow: what task you want to perform? Paragraph days to actually say, walking shadow stopped for a moment, and a dialog box pops up: as long as you prepare for this line. Segment days to open the link he provided a look, turned out to be a professional field terminal super-brain, the production seems like watches, in accordance with the above description, which is stored in a large number of field survival, waterproof and pressure and this stuff is very strong , even if it is hit with a hammer, it will not be damaged. Just a look at the price, scared paragraph day hop: fifteen thousand federal yuan. Segment days suck down a cold lump: too expensive! Walking Shadow no longer pay attention to him, the paragraph mean walking shadow, God knows,Ultimate Short UGG, I only offer advice, adopt adoption of that is your own thing. Segment days watching bird watch on screen installed terminal super brain hesitated again and again, finally convinced himself: This is something even the end of the mission this time, there are also useful, can be considered once a long-term investment. He gritted his teeth, ready to pay to open their own bank accounts. Open the account, he found that the original the 100,000 federal yuan Faber has arrive. Duan days finally breathed a sigh of relief: before has not left tens of thousands of dollars, the thought that bought this terminal is necessary to live frugally. With thousands of dollars loose a lot, you can rest assured that bold resupply. Paid for after paragraph genius to think of it: their own drifting away, these things should be sent to where do you go? Segment days and viewed, found the shop where the address of the terminal super brain that survive in the wild is not far away, a trip to personally collect them. As for other supplies, paragraph days suddenly thought of their own irresponsible teammates could not help but smile: on the edge of their eating and drinking, Who they look down on their own. Drive with a little revenge pleasure. The Duan day to buy a cheap hat on his head. Rapidly through the streets. Hid in the a shared transit station awning in the following. Carefully turn train. Segment came outside stores days. This is a very humble shop,Canada Goose Hybridge Lite Jacket Sale. In this era of high-rise land. Makeshift places land caught between two buildings in the manner of such a shop. Seem dilapidated solitude. The door to sign a rounded trees cut open from the middle. The handmade Diaozao a few words: gray track. Opened the door and walked. Found inside amazing. Little Earth space ingenuity arranged into a strangely unit. In addition to the segment days to buy the kind of outdoor survival terminal super brain outside. Here you can find almost all special military and wild habitat for appliances. From the smallest ground wound suture needle. To more than two meters long composite bows. All everything. The door was pushed open. Door hanging wind chimes rang. A girl wearing glasses to come out from behind a pile of artifacts. Days of similar age and segment. Just look it seems much more mature than paragraphs days. Well her reach out from the side to shelves to a box handed him: On the surface of the titanium alloy of tungsten inlaid ceramic particles of high-strength, durable, yet beautiful. Segment operation a few days, a series of wild poisonous plants easily retrieved. His satisfaction nodded: The tactical knife edged ordinary betray and 9000 federal yuan. A small group of wound suture needle also twelve hundred federal yuan! The Duan day turn around, find their hands to rocket Survival terminal super brain, below the price turned out to be 50,000 federal yuan on the shelf! Segment days feel tongue somewhat rude in front of the girl's face, it has endured, until out of the shop, was fiercely vomited twice, in order to express their dissatisfaction with the expensive shops vampire solemn. Segment days thought the act of contempt for the people places to be found under a shrunken neck. , looks and general no difference, only the center of the lid of the equipment boxes printed with a pink skull pattern. Segment is day Pieliaopiezui: Quickly pulled from the arms at that terminal. Turn to look, the back of a pink skull really! Duan days did not dare to return to their own land apartment. Simply sit rail car to go to the Tiger ground police,UGG Lo Pro Button On Sale. Tiger these days just is not no one to disturb paragraphs days, he hid in a dormitory, began a careful study of bird equipment box. Open to have a look, paragraph days only for equipment boxes and the first impression is of large capacity. The equipment boxes did not know what material, there is no general equipment boxes used to support the compression of the SRC, saving a lot of space. He estimated about to sixth more capacity than the equipment boxes. Do not belittle this sixth capacity level segment days may see not much difference, but if senior hunters hunting achievements star beast casually a material will be able to buy hundreds of thousands of federal the yuan when extra capacity sixth, is probably the million federal yuan up and down the harvest. In addition to this unusual, behind the equipment box lid there is a button to the side of a yellow bold indicate: blew button CAUTION CAUTION! This feeling is quite similar girl,Brookfield UGGs, it seems really from her handwriting. Segment days can not help but shook his head: This girl is really prone to violence, after or stay away from her for the wonderful. In the police canteen eaten dinner, paragraph days to return to their quarters, but also open the super brain boarded the Orion Network. He just entering the interface, received a walking shadow, a message, a large black dialog box pops up. The above only five words: she sees you. The paragraph should laugh days, readily replied: No kidding, this girl, hide also too. Walking Shadow actually still soon to give him a response: advice, do not hide. Her favorite game of cat and mouse, the more you hide her play the more fun, this girl with her aging mother, a harem enthusiasts. Segment days leng: harem lovers? Walking shadow: the ancient Emperor ground harem, women replaced men, the man replaced by a woman, is the meaning. Duan days smell a trace of resentment from his reading between the lines, thinking about some came before: you are not his mother's harem a? Walking shadow no longer ignore him, Duan days facing the super-brain, holding his stomach with a laugh. This thing is just a small episode. Segment day soon it will all be forgotten. From now on, I am afraid not to go back to see the girl ---- Vampire damn so expensive shops, paragraph genius no longer patronize it ---- No fancy themselves at ease, whether she can achieve her violent harem dream nothing to do, and paragraph days. Close before the super-brain. Segment day habit to click on the application level test network, turn off the super-brain, climbed into bed, open the terminal, Search Yi Lunke planet. The planet was found in the years before, the fact that the conditions of the planet is very good, with lush vegetation and natural atmosphere, just a little transformation. Is dolphin survival of the planet. But until now, it only exists as a resource planet. Because without it, the human colonization of the planet has had enough. Such as Giant 6 later developed land colonial planet, a planet only a few million residents. Said has developed Hemisphere, in fact, this is just a general area of ​​the region has developed only one-tenth of the land area of ​​the entire planet, while two-thirds of the whole star ball covered by the water. Compared to a population of hundreds of billions and early ground colonial planet, the later development of the facilities of the colonial planet is not perfect, naturally also attracted to interstellar immigrants. Federation in addition to the first few colonial planet outside. Most other colonial star population not more than one billion. Colonial planet has more than enough, so I want to Ailun Ke planet this condition is very good planet is not being developed into a colonial Star. He searched Ai Lunke the planet, to understand the dangerous star beast on the planet, what dangerous plants, and produced what mineral. In addition, the most important is to understand the the regional hazard classification of the entire surface of the planet ---- This will help him in the task being, try to avoid straying into the area of ​​the high risk level. View while data segment days slumped terminal thrown aside self-mockery: you want! But this game of mortality up to 60 percent. Almost all the people who participate in the competition that will addition to 40 percent, among the ten of these people eventually became Cooler sure there will be six. Despite Xiao Ke, they have a rich experience in the game, but the game is, after all, is a game, who also can not guarantee that there will be no accident. (Er er, second, draw circles, squatting corner stone three curse technique: monthly pass such as Xuepiao, starting point snowflake seats ...) the (novel network www.quanben.com) <

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