Ten years without a village treasure

September 27 [Thu], 2012, 10:44
Dad ,mom ,I wanted to return home after hospital discharge after Wei Xiuhui brought the breakfast ,Xie Zhiqiu is very abrupt . Back home ! Wei Xiuhui apparently didn then put forward this request ,a shocked return home as well, this time you stay in the autumn of China town is also less secure ,to avoid or back ,just you nearly did not go back ten years .
thought for a moment ,make fun of : those who do not know the brothers and sisters will not blame us for the village of treasure for so many years is not taken back Mens The North Face Gore Tex, the back is to explain otherwise later possibly will not let us into the village .
that is ,the go ! The thought of Xie Zhiqiu small was kneading of the scene ,Wei Xiuhui a smile, should they are ripe !Don play that child ! Xie Zhiqiu now to think of himself as the village of Bao identity ,remember as a child of the miserable situation ,had a happy look the whole face broke down did not know ,all of us for a long time no contact ,now a little really want them ,ha ha ! Think of my hometown of those friends ,Ye Jiaming is a good looking ,and so their hurt good ,our whole family go back to Wei Xiuhui clap decided ,apparently she is also reminiscent of the young of the sisters ,unconsciously give birth to want again for a few days later ,Xie Zhiqiu sat on the return home small passenger car ,after two to six or seven hours ,rush ,eventually is returned to the left nearly ten years of lake village scene of fresh air let sit for hours the mirror, Xie Zhiqiu felt comfortable ,however when he saw the village almost to the more than ten meters wide open space capacity crowd ,his face at that time, the green ,the first turned to run .
He remembers when leaving lake village scene ,leaving only just mask across the clearing of 2/3 ,now the situation seems simply cannot hold, a dozen also were pushed under the eaves huge crowds of people see the crowd ,this must come very naturally in the brain to this cruel idiom if Xie Zhiqiu can normally grow up ,he was not afraid of the kind ,lovely ,hateful village ,after all, the body had adult humanoid ,elders Torn up more or less will be some scruples, and peers that don ,however the most deplorable problem is that he has grown up, not only did not grow up, six years old at the time of appearance is still his fleshy cheeks of the flesh ,that a tender ah !People have you want to pinch ,even if he wanted to fight also appears to have weak in mind protested Mom ,I urge ,you go back first North Face Bionic Cheap,I want to go to the bathroom Hachi Akihito turned ,want to borrow urine escape sneak out come ,you endure ,so much to uncle ,aunt uncle aunt ,grandfather grandma waiting for us ,how can let the elders waiting ? Wei Xiuhui seems not to have seen Xie Zhiqiu tearless expression ,grabbed Xie Zhiqiu by the collar pulled him back Mom ,you are to take me to this hellhole !I killed the past from straight in front ,behind you may not recognize you this lovely son Xie Zhiqiu put on a long face pleaded how will not recognize ?You are my little son ? Wei Xiuhui not budge, holding Xie Zhiqiu become more tight ,help me ! Xie Zhiqiu can only be turned to Haya Aki ,hoped that the master to send the king Bazhi gas ,save yourself the future Lord Ye Jiajia but he brews and out of tears has not been dropped ,Haya Aki is turned ,said Xie Zhiqiu desperate : in the village the home by your mother .
despise you ! Xie Zhiqiu could only stared at the end finger vent their dissatisfaction ,let Xie Zhiqiu more depressed is ,turned to Ye Jiaming to see it standing at the front of a man with a white beard to see the Xie Zhiqiu family ,suddenly shouted up to hear that sound ,the villagers all vision neatly to Xie Zhiqiu hope to be carved jade ,saw powder ,meat surface dragon like Xie Zhiqiu, all the people fired a ray of light is called a touch ,joy ,enthusiasm north face buy,love ,smile to some expressions on their faces displayed the village head man ,yeah So why are so loud !Also not afraid of wind blocking tongue was all eyes staring at ,but also with colored eyes staring at ,Xie Zhiqiu gave a shiver ,legs of a soft almost sat on the ground in front of the old man if he can remember is previously devastated he most village ,thought he had just sonorous voice ,could not help But murmured all lined up, one by one, don ,available to everybody who dare to scramble for direct cancel his qualification Mayor next words almost let Xie Zhiqiu fainted in the Wei Xiuhui arms as the mayor the villagers are spontaneous station to the village head back up ,and the crowd hushed ,team some exaggerated from the village into the end of the village, in the village of the village station good smile to many lustful have many lustful ,to have more shameless shameless fuck me, uncle ,whole without this ! Looking at the long team Xie Zhiqiu scared face are green ,he so dauntless walk all the way ,and go to the tail of team will be glorious turned into pigs ,wore a PigHead crawl home mayor ,this is ? See this posture ,Ye Jiaming and Wei Xiuhui were startled, these folks are warm feeling somewhat overdone Hey ,Ming ,Wai, your family goes is ten years !Ten years without a village treasure back once more ,but we want to tight ! He rubbed his hands together ,said as he watched Xie Zhiqiu ,face with excited tunnel: you are not known ,the sticky village treasure blessing folks ,now live can be nourishing ,even my current one foot must enter the coffin person be Kang Kang lived ten years ,and now there are more and more younger trend the villagers heard ,the village of Bao to come back ,we all want to sticky village treasure blessing ,we all but his living down here for a few hours ,you can refuse .
Oh ,mom ,you pinch me . Xie Zhiqiu some grievance lift your head is so wonderful ,but I pinch for so many years ,why can see what a blessing ? Wei Xiuhui raised his hand to oneself some do not believe let me squeeze ,have a look can bring good fortune ! Ye Jiaming Xie Zhiqiu in the other side face severely pinch .
Oh ,Dad ... ... Xie Zhiqiu cry without tears ,have never seen such parents, have such torment his son ? The grandfather ,it is feudal superstition ,you think ,how could touch and blessed ? Xie Zhiqiu tried to persuade the villagers to abandon this idea ,but he was clearly disappointed .
What a superstition, it is a matter of fact, the old man I is the best proof of the man a word to put out the hearts of Xie Zhiqiu thought must touch ? Xie Zhiqiu asked, must be put on a long face ! He did not move for his poor ,resolute and decisive .
Change days ? Xie Zhiqiu played the delaying tactics . ! The chief answer more simply ! Xie Zhiqiu drum drum mouth ,a pair of take death calmly ,who died a hero ,life is like rape ,can you fucking enjoy it.
Folks, ! He first went The North Face Pants, in Xie Zhiqiu plump face gently pressed ,then the villagers one after another came ,kneading ,pinch ,pinch ,press ,manipulations than the hotel massage girls
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