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August 18 [Mon], 2014, 16:38

Husband,chanel bag price, look to the right, it is not loud cry to fry dragon, voice full of shock and excitement. Qin Xuan looked toward the right,chanel handbags, one jet ejected high, a huge black head exposed part of the surface of the water, like a giant sea monster in general. Baby, that's not a dragon, a whale Qin Xuan said, laughing. Villain,cheap chanel classic bag, is driving the boat to have a look, then the big guy, or the first time I saw the beauty of excitement Guo said. The whale boat from the Qin Xuan has about two kilometers, swimming slowly, Qin Xuan immediately turned the bow toward the whales go through.

Haha,Chanel Shoulder Bags,cheap chanel classic bag, this is a blue whale, a big head so excited Qin Xuan said. Brother Look, there are a few small edge of Yang Yuhuan said. Qin Xuan boat to a place about twenty meters away from the whales stopped, the sea is a huge blue whale, Qin Xuan estimated body length twenty-five meters. Well, this whale was hurt, being several orcas ( killer whales ) attack Qin Xuan exclaimed. Yes it is, there are at least five killer whales attacking the blue whale, blue whale is a huge killer whale pectoral almost did not bite, belly part of a large bitten rotten.

Qin Xuan probe a little blue whale 's injury, Qin Xuan know, this did not save the blue whale,chanel bags for sale, the pectoral fins almost did, and now the last of the blue whale is already struggling. No saved, blue whales were injured too, but come alive Qin Xuan said. Brother, how could so small whale played a big whale ? Yang Yuhuan asked. Blue whales like herbivores on land, like killer whales on land carnivores like tigers, cheap chanel bag saying that powerful Qin Xuan said. Little rascal, is driving that killer whales killed a few rain Yan sister said.

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