Indefensible mantis fast spider

September 10 [Tue], 2013, 15:49
Two hundred and eighty second chapter Tan Di deer hair damage is very clear that the right front paw spider mantis fast, hard as jīng steel, unusual weapon in the top left a scratch is very difficult, but they've been easily tear off teeth, that what you really need much strength, multi-sharp sharp claws ah? The thought of that horrible sharp claws may slap to himself, Tan Di deer the first time the body of the 'silk robes' had a strong suspicion, these pieces of 'silk robes' ability to withstand the fracturing of the tiger a blow to worry about mantis fast gathering spider sickle forepaws offensive and defensive one, almost all of its actions are inseparable from this right front paw, now being rapidly destroyed and forepaws mantis spider, not only unable to attack, defense also do not to. Indefensible mantis fast spider, and even do 'human shields' qualifications are lost, leaving the battlefield is also no effect. Instead of letting mantis fast spider stay on the battlefield as a decoration, not as it continues to have an effect. "Mantis fast spider, animal soul fusion" Tan Di Lu Di heard, it turns into a spider mantis fast streamer attached to his legs, and slowly turned into one pair of yellow-green sè's shoes. With other animal soul metamorphosis is different, generally appears after metamorphosis Hunshou equipment are bright as new, and mantis spider illusion made of shoes fast, but slightly damaged. This is the law of energy balance. Illusion of the equipment is damaged, it will be directly applied to the animal soul body. Hunshou body injury, the same equipment directly in the reaction turned out. Canada Goose Trillium CG55 Because spider is wounded mantis fast convergence, so there's metamorphosis equipment will look broken. However, although some damage, but the equipment mantis fast spider turned just shoes only, and not a weapon, Tan Di deer will not 'two' to their feet to kick the fracturing of the tiger. Also unlike 'gossamer gowns', need to withstand attacks. Tan shoes serve only to increase the movement speed of Di deer, they do not continue to be damaged, there would be much impact. Fusion taking fast spider web spider and mantis after Tan Di deer left on the battlefield Hunshou last one North Face Hyvent Clearance on the left of the median Eudemons 'desert poison tarantula'. Teeth grinned, eyes yīn cold stare Tan Di Women's North Face Windstopper Sale deer, get in the way of the soul of the beast one less, she believes he should soon be able to Tan Di deer a claw to shoot dead, and then went to the master, and then a claw to Shentu Peng to shoot dead, and finally come back to find Lin Xue them, shoot more than three-jaw, a claw one's right to Wei Ling warrior to beat all three of them dead, then you can find the master eat teeth thinking is not complicated, it should be said that strange simple. Scavenger mercenary group to kill five people, in the eyes of the teeth, and shot dead five on the fly is no different. She needs to know is, shot dead five flies, she will be able to eat, this is her greatest concern. Tan Di deer also noticed, teeth that 'malicious' eyes, of course, will not stand still, decided to strike first, shouted: "Stinger Assault" Desert poisonous tarantula spiders that stout eight legs, suddenly like a praying mantis just Xun inserted into the ground, like the spider, when the difference is that when inserted into the underground desert after poison tarantula legs. Teeth will feel stereotyped element of volatility in the ground to the rapid flow of the target is her location. Although not law tooth animal soul, if replaced by another system Hunshou release this secret soul of technology, she may still undetectable. However, the desert poisonous tarantula teeth and the same, with the soul of animals belonging to the Department. Fluctuations in ground elements, how could ever escaped teeth induction, when it first emerged eight energy to the moment, the tooth will have to leave the place immediately. But suddenly as they come unexpectedly, a sticky spider web, when you do not know what the tooth's feet, and she moved a little further, he stepped on a spider web on top of tiger palm and cobwebs tightly stuck together, no matter how she tear force, but that is not ripped cobwebs, opened some distance, always retract the prototype, extremely tough. Teeth in the spider web of restrictions, it is simply impossible to leave the place. Tan Di deer fusion with spider webs, they won the 'netting' This a special soul of technology, you can own a circle, within a radius of 30 meters, with the animal soul power vacuum condensation cobwebs. These cobwebs without any attack, but very sticky and tough xìng full, can not easily be destroyed. And cohesion cobwebs, the element of volatility is minimal, unusual secret, it is difficult to be aware of, and cohesion quickly. Therefore, the 'netting' the soul of technology, can be directly used in combat or as an ambush set up a trap. Tan Di deer certainly know that the tiger is the fracturing of the soul to belong xìng beast, desert poisonous tarantula 'Stinger surprise' will definitely be found. And he also deliberately be found, as is so 'Stinger surprise' element of volatility generated, overwriting the 'webs' element of volatility, prevent tooth aware that the soul of technology combined with the last two under for a tooth surprise. Visible Tan Di deer Although fracturing tiger with keen Ju Yi, but can still keep a clear head to battle. This combination of a double soul of technology is definitely plot awaited offensive. And he himself staring teeth, the heart completely pulled up, as long as the teeth can not break cobwebs, it will definitely be hit after the witch hunt that will undoubtedly much simpler, the thought of winding up his eight years demons, will soon eliminate, Tan Di deer could not help feeling excited, in the eyes of fear suddenly dissipated a lot. At this point, eight spider legs suddenly sharp protrusions, spider legs covered with numerous small spines, each covered with small spines on both green venom, if they are stabbed in the legs of these spiders, I'm afraid those strange venom will be wound down, into the tooth body. Teeth of urgency, intense crisis, the tooth heads turn at any time than usual to be fast, flash, she gave up using brute force to tearing cobwebs intention, but is transported from the dark xì ng animal soul force, under the tiger palm condensed into a sharp blade-like, unto the cobwebs amputated. Dark soul force of destruction special xìng Dayton was no doubt that brute force can not be snapped cobwebs in the dark soul force condensed from the blade, look extremely fragile, just gently cut, then those sticky cobweb such as string, one touch will be broken. Gajah instantly regain zìyóu, the speed of the moving body, you want to avoid that eight spider legs attacks. Tan Di deer saw tooth has really put cobwebs broke from his face sè very ugly, like 'passion' after they found themselves, like the sow pillow was actually a kind of miserable hearts feelings, not words, and instantly then more than a dozen years old. But have not yet had one second, he suddenly regained vigor, as rejuvenated as freshmen, his face full of ecstasy Tan Di everything just because they see deer circumstances change, things though 'derailed', and it's not off too much. Although it is to get rid of the cobwebs teeth entanglement, but at that time, a sharp spider legs have emerged. A very short time, the tooth can only make your body as much as possible to avoid most of the spider legs, you can still have two spider legs Xiecha dodge past without success. "Puff Zi" "puff Zi" Two sharp objects into the meat of the sound came one after another, the tooth flanks are two spider legs Xiecha into the room, bright red blood along the living spider legs. Legs spider venom, poison tarantula control by the desert, all gathered on the tip of the leg, poured from the wound tooth body. "Zizi" corrosive sulfuric acid-like sound came from the wound, the wound was corrupted by the venom, the blood flow is also affected by the venom, slightly greenish red sè sè blood of toxins entering into the green, blood Yan sè suddenly become stale. Even the skin around the wound hair has also been corrosion, smooth and supple tiger had become as dead leaves as hair, without wind. And thus also formed on the flanks of two hairless 'hollow zone'. "Wailing roar" teeth issued a deafening yù deaf Tigers, his voice a point of pain, anger nine points. Pain of the wound on the tooth, the issue is still far from enough to make her so loud roar, the original Battle Forest Troll chiefs and Thunder Wolf dragon, which once suffered the pain of having more intense this time, he also from had not been so growl. The main reason roaring teeth, or the two as long 'bald head' of the wound, which she can not accept things. This is related to the owner rì after, will continue to caress her body ah. . . . . . [PS: really seeking red ticket, seeking collection, thank you]
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