the London penetration and Sun Xiaolan

June 08 [Sat], 2013, 10:20
Ji Yin Temple is hidden in the northwest high mountains and lofty hills, surrounded by mountains, to screen. Far from the world. Usually, Dragon Temple disciples, in the temple to Buddha, not in the fix true. However, if the fix true life events, Dragon Temple must send students participation. As arbitration role. Because the Dragon Temple position has always been fair, therefore, Dragon Temple in the fix true, has play a decisive role position, also has an excellent reputation. Zhao Rui, the London penetration and Sun Xiaolan, into the Dragon Temple of enchantment, came to the dragon temple mountain gate. Dragon Temple Mountain Gate, not the magnificent. Very simple, looks and general temple mountain gate. Almost no two. A long steps, extending from the entrance to the top of the dragon temple gate, also do not know to have tens of thousands of order. Zhao Ruisan people just entering the gate, / quick touches the enchantment,Purses Coach UK, two apparently thirty-something welcoming monk, came out from the temple. Amitabha. I would like to ask three is..." One monk three people, welcoming to small and asked. Sun Xiaolan is also a ceremony, said: "I am Shu 1 sword pie Imam Li Lingfeng, the new Sun Xiaolan disciple, Swami in life, to participate in master of heavenly sound abdication ceremony. The two is my friend, Zhao Rui and London." The two one monk listens, took three people meet up. Three people along the stone steps into the Dragon Temple, across a broad square, into the main hall. Inside the hall, sandalwood curl, entered the hall. First sight, is a statue of twenty meters high golden buddha. Buddha solemn, magnificent, is the heart of worship. The hall. More than twenty people, sitting cross-legged on the futon. The old monk, wearing bright yellow robe, white to the bird, a benevolent and kind countenance,Oakleys Sunglasses Cheap, and looked very kindly,Crossbodys Coach Cheap, but kind appearing again in the sacred, is the heart of worship. Is the Dragon Temple abbot, telling the master. Others have not seen, but a breath steady. At least fit period realm, Zhao Rui estimates, they are mostly fix true "big figure. Although be fix true strong, however, they in the main hall, in front of master of heavenly sound. It is the highest. Don't talk loudly. Even speak loudly, do not have a. The monk walked up to the old monk and welcoming, whispered about about three identity to the old monk. Telling the master nodded, rose to greet him, smile and say: "amitabha. Shushan is the original sword pie disciple to, I could not far to meet, please forgive me." Sun Xiaolan hurriedly salute way: "master of heavenly sound you are welcome, embarrassed by undeserved praise the younger generation. Home division originally want to come to the ceremony, but the diversions, really can't afford the time, had to send the younger generation. Also please forgive me." Master of heavenly sound understanding said: "traverse breeze as Shushan Jianpai imam. Many things, can't afford the time, also very normal, he sent his disciples to attend, is my great honor of dragon temple. I'd like to congratulate him. New received such a good apprentice." Finish. He will Sun Xiaolan, introduced to all of fix true, then introduced to Sun Xiaolan a, the fix true origin: Heng Mountain sword Zong Qi deficiency on people, Putuo Guanghua temple the general master, >
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