This both sides quickly entering a State of debt bondage

August 22 [Wed], 2012, 10:57

In this game, Dima Special Olympics to make a simple comment: "at the start of the first half, we dominate in the attack, 20 yards to the 25 yards area can hack into each other, but unfortunately we always lack of front of grasping capacity. Torres today only for 30 minutes, during which I also arranged for some of the new players to play, can learn from the competition, our players in the Organization, cheap nike air max lebron vii

co-ordination is in place. We had opportunities but failed to grasp, the race towards the end of our time, when after the 1-ball teams in the other, we tried to score equalized, but opportunity is not much at this time. AC Milan are a great team, they have a lot of international, this is a very good test for us. ”

This both sides quickly entering a State of debt bondage, Chelsea launched repeated attacks after the opening, creating no small threat to AC Milan, which beat the sidewalk is very active, Yepes formed pressure me. In an interview, called upon to praise Hazar Dima Special Olympics: "I think the comparison is good at playing left Adjara, he gave today on
Before Didier Drogba, Chelsea by wise, Boudewijn Zenden and Dove through the 11th, respectively, amid speculation, Drogba's 11th jerseys will be left to another may be joined by striker Hurk, but now is playing attacking midfielder Oscar took 11th, do not know if this means Chelsea will not buy another striker. Meanwhile, Chelsea coach di horse Special Olympics also said, he does not urged early joined team of Adjara as soon as possible into team, because in this several warm-up in the, lebron 8 v2 low for sale first joined of Adjara always no into blue army of tactical system, di horse Special Olympics said: "course, we hope Adjara more sharp, but we must to patience is, he is young, from France different of League, we needs to he time adaptation. "Oscar is still playing games, Dima Special Olympics hinted that he will be sending players last season Community Shield and the opening of the new Premiership season.

"Lineup will not be any major changes, we will try to do something to change, thanks to new players, we will certainly make some changes, but I will never say that we have to play attacking football, we just want to win the game. "Gu Erlei, Chelsea Chief Executive said last week that Chelsea would continue to buy people, Special Olympics to Dima replied:" that depends on whether we have a good chance, but I'm satisfied with the current lineup. "Which focus is Wigan fly wing Mensah, Moses, who has go voted Nigeria of Qian England U21 international this summer has been is blue army of pursuit target, allegedly Chelsea previously two times bid are was Wigan refused to, now Wei reported under disclosure, Chelsea of third times quotes has close to 8 million pounds, although Wigan aspects requirements 10 million pounds, but the reported believe this price has can persuaded Wigan President Whelan placed people.
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