whoes zip 

August 23 [Thu], 2007, 0:55

a youny woman in a really skimpy skirt was at the bus stop.when the bus arrived and the doors opened she tried to climb the steps.however,her skirt was too tight and her legs couldn't move.so,she reached behind her and undid her zip.she tried to step up again,and still couldn't,so she reached hehind again and played with the zip.she tried to climb the steps again,but still no luch.so,she reached behind again ,but a pair of strong hands , picked her up and placed her on the top step.
"what do you think you're doing?" she asked the guy behind her.
"well,i figured the second time you undid my fly we were at least good friends!"



August 23 [Thu], 2007, 0:49
There was once a lazy boy.He was not willing to do anything. So nobody wanted to hire him. As time went by ,he could live no longer. He asked one of his friends to introduce him to get an easier job.
The introducer thought for a moment.Then he said:"You go to take care of the graveyard. There is no job easier than this."
The lazy boy went to work happily.But in a few days,he came back again, saying angrily:"i won't do it"
"It's unfair to do this job.Those people are all lying.I'm the person who stands."


super fans 

August 22 [Wed], 2007, 22:27
There ws a Liverpool fan with a really crappy seat at Anfield. Looking with some binoculars, he spotted an empty seat on the halfway line. Thinking to himself,"what a waste", he made his way down to the empty seat. When he arrived at the seat, he asked the man sitting next to it, "Is this seat taken ?"
"This was my wife's seat," said the man ."she passed away recently...she was a big Liverpool fan."
"I'm so sorry to hear of your loss," said the first man .
"May I ask why you didn't give her ticket to a friend or a relative?"
"Because they're all at her funeral," replied the man.


the change 

June 24 [Sun], 2007, 6:13
it has finally come to an end in this morning. the exam torturing me more than a month has gone..because i had prepared it over a month..in these terrible days..i nearly hadn't relaxed to see a movie !! what's more..i just hadn't concerned my dear w-inds for a month!!! maybe i need some days to release myself..and then i have to prepare the rest of exam and i had better pass all the exam...thinking this..i become tired more..
anyway..this is the relaxing time...throw away all the unhappy...go ahead
last night..i came to my brother's home, after we ate,we went to park with the baby husky dog..i really really very very like it ..it names cola...his most favorate season is summer..do you know why?? because in this season is really hot...the most important thing is the girls liking to wear skirts the time...and he..just can drill under their skirts.it completely is a rather Downstream dog...right??(but i like it )^-^
the important of the words is to say the change i face to my brother's girlfriend...
er...actually ..cola is hers...at the beginning ..
...for i feel ..she snatched my brother...my brother show less concern on me after they are together...i can't stand with it...and i hate her..though ..she has a dog ..you know.. i really like dog..especially some big dog..seems very fierce...
and every time i came to here..i said nothing to her...and i didn't play with this cute dog..just saw it from time to time..once...impressed to me..i was in a room alone to play the computer..suddently ,,cola came in ..i saw no one ..immediately..i hug the dog favorately..i put it in my thigh ,play with it..it just seems to like me very much..alway timing me..around me...
later..my friends made a lot of ideological work on my wrong mind...
lots of things passed..
and then ..i can't help playing with the funny dog..but i alway say nothing to her...
for the dog..and something else...it seems there are lots of questions i wanor ask her...
finally ..i speaked..her..smiled with her....but sometimes..i do don't like her...
the focus is that my atittude to her seems changed...it is enough


May 16 [Wed], 2007, 0:10
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my ranran 

May 14 [Mon], 2007, 11:19
my mother called me and said she got a baby dog never growing up from a aunt.
and the baby dog is so cute that my dad said nothing about its staying.. you know..my dad hadn't ever liked us to live with a pet.. mom said she would be very quiet if anyboby stays with her ..but when she is alone it will became very noise ..she will be shouting..never stop..*-*
mon helps it to take a shower once every two days..and then blow it stem by hair dryer..(oh..she is the princess of mom..en...i wanor..know..who ..am..i...???-_-'')
へへ 可愛い ね ^-^
so exciting ..あたし 今 見りたい
mom call her baby.. i changed it..
do you know her new name?? ..maybe you know..
ranran..へへ it is the name of ryohei's baby dog.. i like it..
mom said it is too difficult to call..and then i told her..if she didn't accept ..i would go home this weekend..and she would pay the whole money i spend..
certainly..i am the winner..
from now on ..the baby dog's name is ranran...yeah..
ランランチャンが本とに好き  チョ 見リたいな
今   晩いだから


May 14 [Mon], 2007, 10:57
Register success finally!!
it has really taken lots of time and energy..
今 嬉しい  チョ  嬉しい
this is the first words i send to the jp bolg the same as ryohei..
so exciting..
i will appreciate with your coming frequaintly
ps:w-inds  大好きだ
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