January 2010 

2010年01月22日(金) 4時29分
Wow, actually I've got a few visitors on my page!
Sorry to everyone! It's boring! ^^
I'm only here, because I ever wanted to be member on a japanese website.. °>v<

Whatever, what's new..? Well, next month intermediate examination in spanish.. {どくろ}
.. Luckily I'm not afraid.. I'M TOTALLY SCARED!!!

Other things in short: the weather is okay but too cold, Shandoo's new album is good, Kitty has a job again ^^...
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こんにちは! わたしの名前は Reisbaellchen です。(Reisbaellchen means -chan) ^^ わたしはドイツ語です, 19歳。 I love J-Rock, japanese fashion like Visual Kei & Lolita style and also japanese culture!
I don't know what to write about me, so I'll answer these questions:

Q.1 I'm that recently?
O_o° eh.. ok, next question..
Q.2 What is your favorite food?
curry-duck with
Q.3 What foods do you hate?
Q.4 favorite drink?
Tee and water
Q.5 drink do you hate?
Beer (am i really german..)
Q.6 favorite color?
Black, pink, orange and silver
Q.7 color do you hate?
Q.8 favorite artists?
Mucc, D'espairs Ray, Merry, Nightmare, Nana Kitade, Ayabie, Girugamesh, Megamasso, The GazettE, AnCafe, Dir en Grey, Nightwish, Evanescence, Sunrise Avenue, Linkin Park...
Q.9 is your favorite song?
At the moment: Horizon from D'espairs Ray
Q.10 is your favorite movie?
映画: 下妻物語 ~ ドラマ: メイちゃんの執事
Q.11 favorite anime?
Inu Yasha, Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne, Hellsing, Shaman King
Q.12 read the magazine?
Peach (About japanese fashion, music and more)
Q.13 favorite game?
Soul Calibur 2
Q.14 is your favorite character?
from that game? Definetely Talim.
Q. 15 is your favorite sport?
sport?! I'm allergic against sport!
Q.16 favorite athlete?
doesn't exist >v<°
Q.17 favorite season?
Q.18 How do you like to spend the holidays?
Having fun: meeting friends, visiting conventions, travelling.
Q.19 good Cuisine
Italian, Greek, German, Japanese and Chinese
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