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February 20 [Thu], 2014, 14:45

People Caracas February 12 (Reporter Wu Zhihua) Venezuelan capital Caracas today's college students and people held demonstrations to protest the government's louis vuitton outlet economic policies required to improve the social order, the release of detainees in police eight college students. Coming to an end when the demonstrations, protesters clashed with police. At this point, there are a few thugs on a motorcycle suddenly coming, opened fire on a crowd of protesters, two people were killed on the spot and many injured. According to local media reports, Costa · Farias, 24, is a first-year student at the University of Alexander von Humboldt, he was shot in the head mob death. This year 40-year-old Juan Mengtuo Ya, was hit by two bullets mob head and chest, sent to hospital after Louis Vuitton Handbags death. Meng Tuoya had worked as a policeman, a member of the local left-wing social groups. Today Mengtuo Ya wearing civilian clothes and his companions suffered while watching demonstrations sniper shot and killed.

February 7, in the western region of Táchira, Venezuela, part of the University of the Andes campus students held demonstrations in front of the governor's mansion, asked the state government to improve the campus social order. In the demonstrations, there Louis Vuitton Luggage are three college students were arrested by the police. Tachira State Governor Morales said that these students take in demonstrations of violence, the official residence of its fuel bombs and threw stones and police detained. After this incident happened, the Venezuelan university students took to the streets in some cities began demonstrations, ask the police to release the detained students. February 11, student conflicts University of the Andes in Louis Vuitton Purses Merida state occurs with police in demonstrations, and there are five students were arrested.

This morning, the Venezuelan university students in some cities continue to protest. Caracas thousands of students and citizens held a rally in downtown Plaza Venezuela, ask the police to release the detained students, improve social security. They then walk to Republic Square, near the Procuratorate Carabobo, requested a Louis Vuitton Wallets meeting with the Attorney General submitted a letter of protest. 14:30, when demonstrations near the end, it was carrying weapons riding a motorcycle opened fire on the crowd, protesters threw himself on the ground to protect themselves. Quickly fled the scene after the mob shot. After this incident, Venezuelan President Maduro and congressional primary 席卡贝 a little speech, condemn such acts of violence, urged people to peaceful demonstrations. BEIJING, Feb. 12 (Xinhua) 12, according to Russian media reports, the Ukrainian Louis Vuitton Sunglasses Foreign Ministry said that the survey may be re-identified party has recently attempted hijacking of Ukrainian citizens to go to Sochi charges.

11, the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Information Policy Division, said Yevgeny recently Turkish Ukrainian citizens attempt to force airlines to change routes to Sochi case is under investigation. said it suspects may be jailed for a time, which will depend on the prosecution in accordance with the terms of the final which allegations against him. Currently, he is likely to face "an attempt to hijack the vehicle," the allegations, but can not rule out the case may be re-identified during the investigation. Local time on February 7, a Ukrainian man claimed to Louis Vuitton Shoes have a bomb on the plane, trying to hijack a plane carrying 110 passengers of Turkish airliner to Sochi Winter Olympics are being held, but in the end the plane landed smoothly in Istanbul, suspects subdued. Earlier reports said that this was the name of Ukrainian citizens in a drunken state, after the surrender to the police.