Disneyland&Universal Studio&LosAngeles 

October 12 [Fri], 2007, 22:22
It has been long time since I wrote down the blog before
These days,we can't talk much so I'll tell you about my trip on the blog
On the first day,Noriko and I went to Disneyland
In the morning,there were not so many people,but in the afternoon,many Gays came to DisneylandThe day was 'Gay Day In Anaheim'
So It was a little bit weird...Noriko told me,This is not Dream World...
You know what Disneyland's concept is Dream World
We went on lots of rides and saw parade from the first line

On the second day,we went to Disneyland again from 8am to around 10:30 because we couldn't try all rides on the first day.
After Disneyland,we head to Disney California Adventure Park
It was like a normal theame parkWe were there until around 4 and head to Disneyland again because we couldn't see fireworks and night's show on the first day.The fireworks were really awsomeThe night show too
Anyway I had a good time on these 2 days.My foot were dying though...
We didn't talk during supper for the 2 days because of tired,but after supper,our energy was back

On the third day,we went to Universal StudioIt was small!
It took just 5hours to see whole attractions!We could be relax there
In Disneyland,most of staffs didn't have smile and irritated though,in Adventure park and Universal Studio,the staffs were really nice
I think because there are not so many people!Especially,Universal Studio!!
After Universal Studio,We went to Night Tour!
We went to Hollywood,Rodeo Drive,and Beverly Hills.
Hollywood was really scared because there were many people to wanna get money from tourists.I took a pictuer with Jack Sparow,I didn't ask though,and He asked us money...
Rodeo Drive and Beverly Hills were quite dark so I couldn't see from bus and i was so tired.I mean I don't remember...haha

On the forth day,we went to Santa Monica and Venice Beach by the public buses.
SantaMonica was really niceI love there
It was much more casual than Beverly Hills,but still beautiful area!
I wanna live there
Venice beach was sucksIt was sacared too!
There were many homeless people and drukky people...Dirty place

Amrican people were not nice!!Even Disneyland staff...
Airport shattle(free because of transportation in the airport)in Los Angeles Airport
even didn't speak to me anything!He ignored all tourists questions...
And Transportation was sucks!I'll talk about this story someday.

BUT I like Disneyland and SantaMonica


September 23 [Sun], 2007, 10:53
Good morning honey~!!
how's it going?!

You know the second biggest Holiday in Korea is started from yesterday.
Choo-seok is for 3 days, but in this year it is from Monday to Wednesday, so we have from Saturday!!
so I visited my ancestral graves with my relatives yesterday~!
This is one of steps of Choo-seok, harvest celebration in Korea.
We went there and gave some foods that we prepared at home for ancestors.
Korean think ancestors show up and have those foods with smell.
It is located 3 hours far away from Jeon-ju.
However, unfortunately, it was raining all day long...
Neverthess, we should go up to the mountain to show our respectation to our ancestors. haha~~

After that, we went to near port to have sasimi(raw fish).

I had a little bit hard time though, it was fun because it has been more than 1 year that I met my relatives.

My relatives will come to my home tomorrow for Choo-seok.
we have severals steps for this celebration, and I'll tell you later if you want to know!! but it's very complecated~~ haha...

I'll go shopping with my friend today~~ :)
Have a good night baby~~


September 19 [Wed], 2007, 0:15
私の 彼女は かわいです。 ほんとに!!

Good morning honey~~!! :)
that is my limitation, I think...

how's it going?! honey~~
Did you sleep well?!
Today is raining like cats and dogs.
It's stop though, there will be a heavy rain from tomorrow again because of typhoon.

I got a phone call from my aunt, and she said her daughter who manages a private
math school near Seoul needs an assistance urgently only for Today.
so I went there after school and got about $60.
However, I should go there again on this Thursday....
It takes about 2 hours from my university...;;; bothersome...;;

ah!! honey honey~~!!
I calculated the total expenses that we are going to spend during this trip.
and...it costs about $2,000 for 2 weeks including everything if we do like that we
planed last night...;;; so expensive for me~I need more than $3,500 for everything.
I think 10 days will be enough to look around West coast of US.
How about stay in Kelowna for the rest of time after trip?
I wanna go to Ski resort as well.

Anyway... to tell the truth, I'm a little bit worried about how to save money about $3,500 until Dec. I'm not going to tell to my mother about this trip.
so...I wanna change our plan a little bit!!! hehe~~
take a bus instead of flight, stay at motel instead of hotel, something like that.
sorry honey...;;;;
However, if you don't want to do like that, well, don't worry about it!!
I'll go to Casino, and I won't come back home until I make $4,000.

anyhow!! Let's talk about it later~~ :)
we still have 3 months that we can discuss about it~!!

I'll go to bed now~~Love you!!!


September 16 [Sun], 2007, 11:33

Hello,how are you??

Yesterday I went to parasailing with Noriko and Kisun
Fortunatelly,yesterday was really nice weather so we had a great timeThey flew double and I flew single.
Actually,I almost fell off because the band that we sit on didn't fit me so I grabbed the rope so hard.Anyway it was fun.
And yesterday was dragon boat competition at Okanagan lake.

From 2 days before,I have a terrible toothache

.。.:*・゚☆.。.:*・゚☆ Party.。.:*・゚☆.。.:*・゚☆ 

September 15 [Sat], 2007, 9:09
Hi,good morning
Yesterday,I met Julia,Miya and Manami!
And we went to chinese restaurant for lunch together
I forgot to bring a camera yesterday...
Anyway,I had a good time with them.Miya will leave Sunday morning.
And Julia will start tutoringYou know what,Julia quit Vanwest so...
Manami has a problem at work

And,after I got home, I went to Dallon's friend's house for party with Jordan,Corbin(Jordan's cousin),and his friend.That house was hugeThere are so big garden,just grass though, big pool,jacuzzi,camping car!
But it was board because there were too much people and space was narrow...

And after that,Some of the party member went to UBC pub
Did you know UBC has a pub!And yesterday was party there.
But security is super strictAt first,only me,I couldn't enter because security person didn't allow that international student ID is government ID...We talked for 10-15m,finally he allowed me!There was like a clubBut DJ was super bad and
there were some super old song though,it was fun

I went to Myung-dong to meet my friend!! 

September 14 [Fri], 2007, 22:58
I met my friend at Myung-dong!!
I'm sorry, but I couldn't take a picture of Myung-dong because of heavy rain!!
A typhoon is coming up to Korea now.... terrible weather...;;;

I ate budae chigye. It is so nice~~!!
I'll show you later when you visit to Korea.

you know he studied in Japan more than 2 years, so we talked about Japan a lot.
and he will go to Japan to get a job next year.
I envy him.... haha~

I took a picture in order to show you~~

anyhow!! I'll do my homework from now on~!
Have a nice day~!!!


September 14 [Fri], 2007, 11:24
actually I took a nap for a while after hanging up the skype.
sorry... maybe I'm crazy..

so, I'm drinking a coffee now~! hehe...
I'm going to start my homework from now on

Did you already have supper?!
what will you do on this weekend?! your love affair is busy on this weekend?!

ah~! honey~ this picture is gal-bi tang
is it the same as Japanese one that you ate in Japan

anyway!! I'm really looking forward to meet you soon in Canada again~ :)
Love you!!!! have a good night honey~! :)

is that right?? 

September 14 [Fri], 2007, 9:20
Althogh I cannot read Japanese, I'm really happy that we have a blog for us.
We can share our diary~!! :)

Our Homepage!! 

September 13 [Thu], 2007, 17:03

Finally,We made a blog!!

I Love you,forever!!
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