don give them targeting opportunities

October 29 [Mon], 2012, 18:13
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultThe Union Army game player I was curious at dragon magic corps and madness corps ,don nine what the Y ào.
.TXT e-book download Li Tang ,black night ,take with you the dragon magic corps and madness ! Nine impulse behind a wave, and then pointed out the foot ,such as several kilometers span a sea battle , give me from their war in the past .
!! Is ! Li Tang and the mysterious night without any hesitation North Face Backpacks,hear the nine command ,should a ,immediately called the respective men conjured a whole mounts ,slightly ,the next moment the hollow first proceed without hesitation ,and threw herself into the Vietnam area array of game player .
The Union Army game player just heard the nine under the command ,would have been surprised with open mouths ,to make it two, total one thousand person teams to each other fifteen million army brought impact form ,this is not to make fun of ?!But then he would see the ,the thousands of Marines ,received in the nine command ,expression had no change, no more than half hesitated ,orders for the first time had commenced operations .
As the dragon magic corps and madness Corps down the city ,the first of all the Union Army game player to achieve all also follow to wash down . Ah ha ,so points three melon two dates ,even dare to impact our war ,they did not want to live ?! See Li Tang and the mysterious night led the dragon magic corps and madness team one thousand one hundred players rushed up to them ,the game player was stationed outside of Vietnam Air music , this is really that He Fang divine ,dares so contemptuous of my Vietnam area of the game player !Well Northface Down Vest,we let them know our strength ,let them know that I do it is not easy to offend ! From Sirius to get information ,Vietnam area of the game player already knows the raid Mahatma map of different area is the area where the forces to the sacred ,divine union ,see nine should send a thousand squads to greet them ,which of them is I scorn ,lung going to explode .
Kill !They gave me to slay slag !! The Vietnam area counterattack Allied Supreme Commander game player ,as the opponent is issued lattice kill ,will call this a thousand squad to be completely destroyed .
Kill !! Each other to kill order was issued at the same time ,Li Tang Yishengchangxiao ,hand dance with Dragon Sabre, magic team players like mountains tiger ,jumps into the Vietnam area array of game player .
Dragon magic Corps tough PA kill style different ,black night led by madness Corps because although the nine dragon filling effect, was shining ,glorious ,but look at their actions ,but like a shadow ,soundless and stirless ,only for ak .
The two team peculiar style ,moves a static ,but as a result of the lethal effect of matchin ,not more ,is so horrible peerless .The two team into battle ,all of the members of a hand weapon are soaking a several meters long blazing blade mount ,such as the flame burning .
The next moment ,the real blade mount upside-down ,right and left ,the glint and flash of cold steel , ā o to weave a death optical network ,the place visited ò u s blood ,bodies everywhere .
Dragon magic corps and madness Corps started battle mode ,the Vietnam war initiated the impact zone .The two team as still as a hill UGG Men's Classic Mini Boots,if moving gale ,once the opening battle mode ,it is full ,to attack ,into a gold èstorm ,to be a trend which cannot be halted ,all-powerful force through enemy lines, toward the Vietnam War rear area volume and go mad .
Dragon magic corps and madness Corps action speed is too fast, the killing effect was also too amazing Michael Kors Wristle,Vietnam district party kill just handed down ,the game player could move ,dragon magic corps and clan has abruptly in the Vietnam area Madness game player war torn a hole .
Vietnam area game player to see so 1800 people ,impact their millions of game player composed of war ,actually encounter little resistance ,shock and anger .The startled is ,what exactly are these monsters ?!Anger is, these monsters to kill them like a pig ,it is really hurt their self-esteem ! All for love !Out of them, destroy them !! The supreme commander of a game player urge to get desperation .
Command received the game player who is also hard ,rush forward ,rise together and expel sb. Into them ,to the crowd thousands of Marines to surround the kill .How can do, the thousand man damage output is too fierce ,the knife ,sword and kill them ,as easy as blowing off dust ,just like a melon vegetable general ,sword fall game player is a Vietnamese casualties ,area of the game player people cannot stop them at potential .
In addition ,the thousand man speed ,also in the war of terror ,moving up as ghosts ,erratic, moving around ,don give them targeting opportunities ,that they have thousands of troops ,can play a role in the only and the thousand man approaching the game player ,other people of almost all of the soy sauce UGG Mini Bailey Button.
Be dead on the city wall ,the Union Army game player who looked at the city, the two team member in the Vietnam War game player in charge, be a trend which cannot be halted ,Vietnam area of the game player in front of them is not a game player ,but all tofu ,a broken ,no one can in their hand through a face to face, the glint and flash of cold steel ,Vietnam area the game player not the money, to become piece into piece down, a look that was silly .
What is it? !! Every Union Army game player had one question ,they are really be hardly worthy of belief ,only by this a thousand number game player ,that is all equipment set ,belonging to the ì ng is very good ,but it should not be open to such a degree ,that can impact thousands of game player composition of the war .
If not the game player too hard ,it is the only area of game player vietnam water too, aren really have that water ?He was like a melon vegetable general massacre ?! ! Nine also watching outside the dragon magic corps and madness team performance ,nodded, no wonder these guys can in that a few day killed millions of devils game player ,feelings are these guys weapons all can be lengthened ! For the two team amazing performance, nine heavy but not surprised ,this completely in his surprise .
Dragon magic corps and clan members of madness ,in reality all the ancient martial art master ,the real skill is applied to the game itself. They have to ,other people don great advantage .
It is precisely because of this advantage ,make them in the game to upgrade the speed is rapid ,from them into the game until now ,nor too long time ,but now they have all entered China area ranks top ranks ,after yesterday ,following the massacre ,they all entered the ninety stage mark .
In addition to grade ,their equipment is super luxurious ,all with the finest materials to create, and now, after nine heavy abnormal Dragonsoul filling ,belonging to the ì ng soaring by a large margin, all aspects of the genus x ì ng goes to an amazing degree .
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