Underwear Color Test

June 12 [Thu], 2014, 18:57
When a girl loves a man, she tries every way to make him happy in sex. However, there is a tip to let you quickly understand your boy friend’s preference. You can see his favourite just by looking at his attitude from underwear color.
Woman's underwear color is no more than three or four popular kinds. According to psychologists, ladies can watch his attitude by the underwear color he likes. This test is abnormally accurate. Ladies should try.
He loves red color underwear, meaning he loves sensory stimulation. In the choice of sexual partners, he usually prefers plump figure. He is a passionate, easy to accept fresh ideas, trying bold act. He is willing to pay a lot of time and energy for love, in the hope that the lover can be happy and satisfied at the same time. He also has the very high sense of achievement.
If you partner loves black underwear. Black underwear for men often revels in the fantasy. The black represents the mysterious romantic. Black also means strange and serious. This man's action ability is so so, but in the pursuit of tone, he will deliberately create a romantic atmosphere. He does not need too much physically requirements, but he enjoys indulging in sexual reverie.

Open Crotch Is Sexy

June 10 [Tue], 2014, 15:36
Open crotch briefs the underwear just at two strands without cover, if wearing a mini skirt to go out, be always on tenterhooks can be bad enough, this is called people terrified, hot design.Open crotch stockings. Between the two strands, there is a very big open hole which can allow you to touch the underpants unimpededly.

Garter belt is the ultra sexy temptation when you can imagine a woman put her a leg on the chair. That kind of sultry charm can sweep the hearts of all sentient beings.
Upper and lower unit with red silk fabric production seem to be very energetic. If you wear it on the body, your skin will look more delicate. The coat is simple, with a small bow, the waist has a perfect gliding curve and the breast is transparent with wide lace. The lower side is made into a mini skirt styles, light and agile.

Swallowtail type. The waist is natural. On the whole we prefer the elegant style as the main characteristic. With a short oil, cuff on the lace,skirt has radian, chest like dew even if unspoken, both coat style, taste and underwear.The dark side is longer, with a ribbon tied to gently.

Tailored- Full service

May 23 [Fri], 2014, 14:54
Recently, the network the emergence of a new so-called thin standard, namely "Bikini bridge" (bikini bridge), means to put on Bikini, the pelvis needs can build briefs. Gaps appear in briefs and abdomen. According to reports, after the pursuit of the thigh gap upsurge, recently on the Internet and the rise of the new female thin index, one signal is the bikini bridge. But this trend has caused a lot of criticism, said it would lead to blindly downsizing.

A week before, on the Internet, the last anonymous user group issued a so-called "Bikini bridge" (bikini bridge) photos, known as wearing Bikini when lying down, if there is a vacant space between the trunks and stomach, then it can be called a good figure.

These photos with the flames of the caption like "I love boys noticing my Bikini bridge", and "if your girl friend does not have the Bikini bridge, why are you still together" and so on. On the social network, it spreads like wild fire, which also be a perfect advertisement for weight loss website. In those website, they have cited the quotations and post pictures to, encourage girls to go on diet to construct "the Bikini bridge".

Customized Sexy Underwear

May 21 [Wed], 2014, 18:40
The famous magician Liu Qian once said, every year he will go to England famous suit store to customize suits, and in order to get such a bespoke suit he has to fly two to three times! What makes Liu Qian so attached to the suit:of course is the "custom" two words! Custom and it lifelong "warranty" add a lot more to the color for its "unique". At present, there brings the gospel a "unique", a specially designed for the temperament woman.One customized high-end underwear brand will be released in this winter.

Underwear for a modern woman, is no longer the unspeakable taboo, but an attitude, a kind of beauty of self pursuit. For modern women, one close comfortable and intimate underwear can reflect her perfect figure, which is the best embodiment weapons from inside to outside temperament.

And now, as long as you want, Refindsexy will become your private underwear custom masters with a new listing:back shaping, stretching, chest lifting, abundance, hip lifting, compact, magnet, health care, waist protection, waist contraction with a variety of functions in one integrated underwear. The customize lingerie is huge the gospel for the majority of female friends! Refindsexy knows underwear, and knows more about women. She is more like a mirror, from the never known side, mapping out our perfection.
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