The Lakers four-game losing streak Bryant criticize the referee threw the ball kick basket

September 06 [Fri], 2013, 17:34
Original title: lost to the Grizzlies, the Lakers four-game losing streak Bryant criticize the referee threw the ball kick basket!

Beijing on Jan. 24, the Lakers lost to the Grizzlies on the road to 93,106, suffered four defeats. Kobe Bryant scored 29 points, Ci Shiping 15 points, Howard injured in the first half, only two points and two rebounds. Pau Gasol 13 points off the bench in the nike shox turbo xii mens end how the Los Angeles Lakers? No one can give an answer. After losing to the Memphis Grizzlies, looks like they have been ill. In a team meeting after the team also like loose sand in general, as the leader Kobe Bryant almost going crazy once ate two technical fouls braved the dangers challenge the referee to abandon the race three consecutive road trip this time The first two are back to back, Bryant admitted his legs a little tired, he was shot in the two games are significantly shorter, individuals frequently blacksmith affected the team's attack, he is responsible for the team's defeat. After a day of adjustment, Bryant's fitness has been significantly restored, plus the team held a team meeting, Dwight Howard expressly apologized for the previous remarks, which makes Bryant look forward to the focus of this battle with the Grizzlies But as the game progresses, Bryant found himself to be fooled the. See Howard defensive action, then look Gasol back against the enthusiasm, you will understand that they did not even want to fight this ball. Slowly, Bryant teammates understand womens nike free 5.0 the idea of ​​such a state that they almost let him crazy, he began to vent his temper on the court. Made in the Magistrates penalty against himself, Bryant referee angrily and threw the ball, and even kicked the baskets of the action, from the point of view of these actions, he was very interested in applying to be ejected, and then he is so difficult to accept the way to play. As we all know, Kobe is a moment thinking about winning player, he wanted to win every game to participate may be teammates on the pitch, but there is no desire to win, they will not let Kobe crazy how this performance it?

Lakers this season to create a combination of four giant, Bryant had seen the hope to win his sixth crown. But after the start of the season the team has always been the poor performance, even coaching the team did not bring recovery. Today schedule has been more than half, the Lakers only ranked No. 12 in the west. In order to revive, they deliberately held a team meeting, we all have to stand, the many contradictions and problems thrown together to solve. After the open communication, Bryant thought the team will rebound, but he did not think that turned out to be such a way, said one thing and do another, This saying of the Lakers players who have been vividly reflected. New Body