Zinc sulfate can be blended with pesticide in application?

October 28 [Tue], 2014, 10:58
In spring, farmers are busy for planting, fertilization and other farming works. Farmers call us for solution in agriculture grade zinc sulfate application and ask "Could zinc sulfate be mixed with pesticide?"

Rech Chemical’s technician replys the customers that whether zinc sulfate can be mixed with pesticide depends on whether precipitation or turbid matters occurs after blending. If turbid matters or sediment appears, it shows zinc sulfate cannot be mixed. And secondly, zinc sulfate is acidic, that can be mixed with acidic pesticide in spraying, but cannot be mixed with alkalic pesticide. Or the effect agriculture grade zinc sulfate will diminish.

Many customers have feedback to us that agriculture grade zinc sulfate works well when mixed with sulphur, phosphorus and others pesticide in seed treating. Proper blending not only helps to increase yield, but also control plant diseases and insect pests, as well as save labor for farmers.
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