February 07 [Thu], 2013, 16:02
When I go to bed 23:00, outside the window under the snow.UGG激安 I shrink to the quilt inside, picked up the alarm clock, alarm clock stopped - I forgot to buy batteries. Cold days, I do not want to get up again. I gave my mother called and long-distance calls: "Mom, my alarm did not go battery tomorrow, wanted to go to the meeting of the company, to take the early, you give me a call when six o'clock wake me up!" My mother's voice at the other end a little dumb, may have fallen asleep, she said: "Good, good."

When the phone rang, アグI was doing a dream, dark days outside. Over there, the mother said: "Small orange you fast to get up, the meeting today." I put my hand to watch, only five forty. I cried impatiently, "I do not call you six o'clock it? I would like to sleep a little longer, you stir up!" My mother did not speak at the other end suddenly, I hung up the phone.

Up grooming, to go out. アグアウトレットAh really cold weather, snow, sky between heaven and earth, the vast one. Bus stop bench I kept stomped. Around the dark, I was standing next to two white-haired old man. I listen to the old man, the old lady said: "You see, you did not sleep one night, a few hours earlier began urging me now wait so long."

Yes, ah, even five minutes of the first bus trip. Finally the car, I get on the train. The car is a very young boy, I get on the train roaring in the car to go. I said: "Hey, drivers, UGGブーツhere there are two old people, the weather is so cold, they waited for a long time, you how unequal they drove the car?"

That young man proudly said: "UGG割引It does not matter, it was my mom and dad! Today is my first day on the bus, they look at me!"

I suddenly began to cry. アグブーツI saw my father sent a short message: "My daughter, my mother said, she is not good, she has not been to sleep, woke up very early, worried that you'll be late."

Suddenly remembered a Jewish proverb:
Father UGGクラシックトールto his son something, son laugh.
Son to his father what the father cried.

Your tears it? Until now I still tearful Angela. How many years, and we seem to be little attention to the white-haired parents who love the quiet dedication, even regard it as a burden! Fiercely reject their trivial concern with thin inquiries, may have thought it was their heart and all the love!

I have been the hero of the things in the article, was really no more than thought. In retrospect now feel sorry for her. If the love we can give parents a little patience and understanding, and perhaps make them live happier, UGGクラシックショートhappier some. And the need to do just a little bit of patience to answer twelve phone calls a day or two close companionship. As long as we are willing, these are nothing difficult!
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