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September 03 [Tue], 2013, 16:07
Cartier is the most well known luxury watchmaker in the world. The King of Jewelers has created precision timepieces for royalty and celebrities, alike. Some of the most famous designs, including the Tank have become iconic symbols of prestige and success. You already know a lot about Cartier, but there are a few practical facts that may have escaped you. That's where I come in. Here are some questions often asked, and easily answered, about your Cartier watches.

1. Where is the best place to have a Cartier watch repair done? At Cartier, of course. Take all repair issues to Cartier, or an authorized repair center. Be sure to provide the certificate of guarantee, which came with the watch.

2. Do all Cartier watches come with a guarantee? Quite simply, yes all Cartier watches purchased through proper channels are covered for any manufacturer's defects, for life, however after two years, you will pay the service fee for all repairs, even though the parts are guaranteed.

3. Is it true, that every Cartier watch is assembled in Switzerland? If a Cartier watch has the seal of Swiss made, it is made in Switzerland, the only exceptions are the watches bearing the Geneva mark, and these were made in Geneva.

4. Is it replica watches hublot swiss possible to replace a leather strap, and where? The Cartier leather straps are not interchangeable, but they are replaceable. A replacement leather strap may be purchased at an authorized Cartier boutique, or on-line at an e-boutique.

5. What is the life expectancy of a Cartier leather strap? That depends on how well it is taken care of. Leather is somewhat fragile, and can be damaged by water as well as other environmental factors. Keeping the leather strap clean and dry is the best way to keep it looking great. A Cartier watch strap should be replaced about once a year, if taken well care of.

6. I have a Cartier Quartz, what does that mean? Quartz watches are battery operated. A Quartz movement has an intricate system of circuitry, which the energy flows through.

7. How often will I need to replace a battery? A battery in a Cartier Quartz will need replacement about every 18 months. Have this done by an authorized service center, to avoid any complications later on.

8. What is a mechanical watch? A Cartier with a mechanical movement is either hand wound or automatic winding. The hand wound mechanicals use a spring system that must be wound to run. The automatic winding mechanicals use the same spring system, but are wound centrifugally, by the movement of your wrist.

Hope this information answered some of your questions. Next time, more on Cartier.

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