and now these two drivers are

December 28 [Sat], 2013, 10:52

., and now these two drivers are disappearing, the presence of the Hong Kong housing prices could fall." Huang Li Chong believes, and China Compared to Hong Kong, South Korea's real estate market after the impact of the financial turmoilnike air penny 1 for sale
downturn in a long time, asset prices generally lower, with the foundation of the Korean economy is strong, less affected by the impact of hot money, then choose to enter the South Korean real estate ARA market is a good time.In addition, on December 24 released the latest Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Hong Kong tycoon Li Ka-shing to $ 29.7 billion, won Asia's richest man. 2014 "Social Blue Book" report released social situation and China held in Beijing on the 26th. Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Research Office, youth and social issues at the meeting, said Li Chunling, a high level of foreign language graduates are more likely to enter the party and government organs and institutions.Li Chunling said that 2013 survey of employment, including track 1678 graduates, these graduates end of September again contacted by telephone and asked them to find work in progress at the time the employment situation. Overall, of which about two-thirds of graduates entering the labor market is working, the other one-third is no access to the labor market. Statistical college students to enter the labor market, the employment of these people looking for work as a base, the employment rate of the end of September was 82.4%, ie 82.4% of the students entering the labor market looking for work, as well as 17.6% of people do not find a job.Li Chunling found that high levels of foreign employment rate of people but she speculated that it may be because they want to find a better job. She said that from

a personal capacity, the high level of foreign language are more likely to enter the system work, but in terms of state-owned enterprises into not dominant. State-owned enterprises pay more attention to work experience, internships and part-time that there is no experience. December 26 afternoon, the provincial military held anike air presto 4 men's
meeting to announce the provincial military command leadership to adjust. Huang Jianguo, deputy political commissar of the Beijing Military Command announced that the Central Military Commission, appointed military commander of cold Jiesong Shanxi Province, approved Yun-Hai Liu retirement. Provincial secretary, first secretary of the provincial Party Committee Military Yuan Chunqing speech. Yun-Hai Liu, cold Jiesong attended and spoke. Provincial Committee and provincial military political commissar Zhang Shaohua chaired the meeting.Huang Jianguo affirmed in his speech during the Shanxi Military Yun-Hai Liu's achievements, introduced cold 杰松 work, the provincial party committee spoke highly of the military, and thanked the Shanxi provincial government for the care and military construction Support. He further strengthen provincial military and party committees raised military construction requirements. He pointed out that all levels should focus on building and master forces ideologically and politically, further and lay officers holding high the banner, listen ideological foundation of the party's command, to ensure that military orders, and ensure that forces pure consolidation; should be able to win the war

as various construction The starting and ending points, and carry out combat training, and constantly improve the ability of troops carry out diverse tasks to ensure rapid response in case of circumstances, an effective response; party committees to pay more attention to its own building, focused on efforts to improve the style, paid off, led the team in good style good atmosphere forces continued pushing hard to develop in depth style building, fully consolidate the army building foundation.Yuan Chunqing pointed out that the provincial military leadership adjustment, is the Central Military Commission, nike kobe 7 shoes
Beijing Military Region Party Committee building looks provincial military forces globally important decisions to make is to strengthen the leadership of the provincial military construction, reflects the Shanxi work, the work of the provincial military attention. The provincial government will continue to support the work of the provincial military, providing a powerful guarantee for the construction and development of a comprehensive provincial military. He stressed the need to thoroughly study and implement a series of important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping, in a comprehensive study on the system to learn and work hard, so into the brain and heart, to guide the construction, lay troops hold high the banner of the party's command of the ideological
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