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September 18 [Tue], 2012, 10:46
Citizens often worry about that a new pair of jeans will fade, therefore the process of cleaning should be very careful. How to keep the jeans? How to make the jeans better? Some basic color retention treatments must be done before washing, otherwise the jeans will be fade soon. The following are a quantity of ways about it, I hope it will benefit you more or less.
Jeans is almost the main theme of our lives, it is the lasting "eternal" world of fashion, but no matter how good it is, the jeans Women Gina Super TMedium Drifter p48588has a familiar characteristic - when cleaning, it will fade. Long time ago, the jeans has become popular, but no matter how high-quality pair of jeans, it will fade after washing. Most of the jeans will fade, thus inhabitants must be very careful when cleaning them. How to hold the jeans? How to protect the jeans better? Certain basic color retention treatments must be done ahead of washing, otherwise the jeans will be fade quickly. The following are a few suggestions about it, I hope it will benefit you more or less.}
The methods of washing
The first approach. You should put some white vinegar in the water, then wash the jeans which have bought. Then turn the jeans over and soak for an hour and a half, so as to lock the color. You can make use of some white vinegar to keep color of jeans. The second way. Please do not let shiny jeans douse in the hot water, if you do this, then there will have a large degree of shrinkage phenomenon. When we would like to wash the jeans, the water temperature must be kept below 30 degrees. If you have more time, please use your hands to clean the jeans, then it will protect them and make them become nicer and better. Do not iron jeans, then it would be more shiny. The third way. Be sure to remember to turn over the jeans when you are washing, which can lessen the degree of fading. Try not to use detergent, but make use of dish soap, because dish soap does not contain bleaching agents, in addition to the effect ofWomen Gina Super TDark Drifter p48587 cleaning, but also make the jeans more shiny. Or you can use the water to clean the jeans. The fourth method. Turn over the jeans after cleaning, hang it from the waist and dry it in the dry and ventilated place. We are supposed to let the jeans get out of sun exposure, since it will easily lead to severe oxidative fading. The fifth approach. Because the detergent contains bleach, it will make jeans fade quickly. The sixth way. Please do not use up more time to desiccate the jeans.
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