If you want to relieve your tired feet from an all-day bondage from shoes

September 18 [Tue], 2012, 9:05
If you want to relieve your tired feet from an all-day bondage from shoes, the FiveFingers KSO is just right for you. In fact, athletes use this special product to enhance the blood flow in their joint, muscle and feet. The best thing about this product is that the polyamide uppers are tough and resilient to any form of abrasion. You are assured that you will be using the FiveFingers for a long time.
When it comes to proper grip, the FiveFingers will never let you down. The hypalon straps are so sturdy and you will definitely love to run with this thing on. This is better than your old rubber shoes. The additional feature is the anti-microbial microfiber which can reduce the progress of bacteria which causes foul smell. These shoes are a state-of-the-art and you will be surprised at how well your feet will feel after a run.
It is very important for a runner to feel the Men Vibram Fivefingers Sprint LTGreyBlack Shoes p47645 ground and the FiveFingers KSO does just that. The pair weighs 114 oz only and that is very light as compared to running with rubber shoes. Other customers also love the grip especially when you are at the gym doing some lifting. The rubber grip works to keep your balance and to help you with your tasks at the gym. You have been with rubber shoes for so long; don't you think this is the right time for you to shift to FiveFingers shoes?
What Are Customers Saying About The FiveFingers KSO?
One reviewer who is very fond of barefoot running stated that, he really loves the cushioned FiveFingers KSO shoes with its custom-made orthotics. With this product, every runner does not have to worry about feet injury or even ankle injury. The reviewer further stated that he had plantar fasciitis and damage to his heel which made it rather difficult for him to run fast but when he used the 2 lbs product, he immediately noticed the changes and that his pace greatly improved. His strides became normal and the sharp pains on the soles of his feet suddenly disappeared.
Another reviewer stated that he started running with extreme luxury since he used the FiveFingers shoes. He could not believe it at first that such a pair of shoes can greatly affect his daily running and now he would not want to run without these shoes. The FiveFingers have done so much for his feet and he became a strong runner from then on. This reviewer recommends this product not only to athletes but also to ordinary people who takes running as their daily sport or exercise.
However, one reviewer said that it took him Men Vibram Fivefingers Sprint Ice RiceYellowCinder Shoes p47644 a while to find the right size for his shoes. In addition to this, he did not like the extra padding because it only made the pair of shoes rather bulky. He also stated that the FiveFingers KSO is worth his money and you will feel like running with bare feet and you could really feel the ground.
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