Vibrams Fivefingers - Blessing or Curse (Answer: Both)

September 07 [Fri], 2012, 9:31
If you've been running for long (competitively or otherwise) then I'm sure you've seen all the buzz lately about barefoot running, and the "barefoot running shoe" Vibrams Fivefingers. RELATED ARTICLES
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Maybe you've even seen people wearing Vibrams Fivefingers out and about in public, shamelessly flaunting their "toe shoes" for all to see, blissfully defiant of traditional "mono-toe" shoe standards...

By now you can probably tell I'm not really all that outraged about Vibrams Fivefingers, in fact I own a pair. I've got the Vibrams Fivefingers KSO Men Vibram Fivefingers Sprint Black Shoes p47631 model, (Which stands for "Keep Stuff Out") and they're pretty darn comfortable if you ask me.

But let's get one thing clear right now - if you're running in Vibram's Fivefingers, you're not really running barefoot, at least not to barefoot purists.

Vibrams Fivefingers are like training wheels.

You're not riding a bike until they come off - but just jumping right into barefoot running without something like the Vibrams Fivefingers to protect your feet is practically asking for a trip to the podiatrist.

Of course, your podiatrist will tell you you're crazy for wanting to run barefoot, even in Vibrams Fivefingers, because "Feet need support"... Well, that may or may not be the whole story…

Barefoot runners have an argument that when you run without extra arch support, heal cushioning and ankle support, you're running in a more natural, more healthy way. (After all humans aren't born with shoes on or anything).

Vibram's Fivefingers don't have ankle or arch support (and with only 1/8th inch sole at the thickest) and they certainly don't do much in the way of cushioning).

Whether you choose to wear Vibrams fivefingers or not, there are a few things to consider if you're going to start running barefoot:

1. Don't do more than 5 minutes of running per day at first, so you can adjust to it slowly. Vibram's Fivefingers will help your feet feel less of the pain, but even the Vibrams fivefingers website tells you not to over do it.

2. If you're a hardcore runner and you run more than a mile every day, you might start warming up to barefoot running by going barefoot for the last five minutes of your run (or alternately switching to vibrams fivefingers).

3. If you're worried about hurting your feet, or if your feet are very sensitive, then wear the Vibrams Fivefingers until your feet have toughened up a little and developed some natural padding.

Barefoot Running (or even running in Vibrams Fivefingers)Men Vibram Fivefingers Speed WhiteBlue Shoes p47630 is a really great way to exercise and strngthen your feet in my experience. If you're interested, try it out, or head over to the Vibrams Fivefingers website to get a pair - oh and...

... to really prevent injury, strengthen your feet and legs, and get the most benefit out of your Vibrams Fivefingers and barefoot running, go grab our free report on barefoot running that includes a little "barefoot survival kit" to keep your feet healthy and strong:
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