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December 20 [Thu], 2012, 19:15

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Nike Air Max 2012 and Zhu Zhe out of the hall, was heavily armed soldiers escorted forward, Nike observation of surrounding environment, here the light bright, clean, simple decoration, is a solid concrete structure, corridor four angle with the installation of monitoring equipment, security guards, like a military base.

Air Jordan Men Shoes judgment here should be a a secret underground base, but specific place shall judge.Nike and Zhu Zhe through the cold corridor, seen on the right end of a huge warehouse, metal roll door slowly opened, a cold wind blowing out, warehouses are soldiers in the work of the.

NIKE Air Force vaguely see a warehouse filled with equipment items, and weapons. Nike and Zhu Zhe heart secretly thinking a secret base, fully equipped, the space is great, the stored material arms a lot, "box" organizational strength and hidden, is very terrible.