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January 19 [Sat], 2013, 14:40
Hear the sound, Thai go back, he knew he should have just heard those leaving the country came to.This section from each other a total of four, and just opened the sound that red tunic man, should be the Xiangxing spirit Pill - Lian pharmacists they say, age does not seem to be more than twenty-five years of age, age become the spirit Pill - Lian pharmacists, actually also is very few.After all, like Thai this evil-doer is relatively rare.This left the country is said to Wu day on the mainland's biggest country Canada Goose Youth Chilliwack Sale, a galaxy of talents, the mainland rumors on the first genius Sheng Yun Feiyang is from that country Camrose Canada Goose, which is also the biggest Zhenwu holy land should be their power.These people from the country looks down and dry country not far, no Thai who see those big Kun's big Hom country people so big difference."Feel shy, you late."Thai looking back at that few people smiled and said, this smog fox has now become his prey, nature will not give up easily."You don't kill the smog Fox" that Xiangxing Lian pharmacists again voice said, do not use robbed way, "this smog fox is useful to me, I can use the medicine exchange with you.""Oh, there is a breath, but this smog fox is useful to me, but I don't really need to medicine" Thai smiled, this man is a spirit Pill - Lian pharmacists in the holy land, Zhenwu perhaps is a character, but in the face of Thai the Alchemist is nothing."Hey, you don't have a look the situation now?In this case I see a face gentle you and our cooperation is good "beside the Xiangxing Lian pharmacists youth then Yinxiao road Canada Goose D Alpago."Your Excellency, the smog fox is very important to me, I hope you can give him to me.If you really don't need medicine, then I can also use the Zhenwu holy contribution value and you exchange, the smog fox fifty contribution value "I can give you sixty contribution value" that Xiangxing youth is to stop the feminine youth, just to say to Qin Fan.After all, he is this kind of person can become so young spirit pill class Lian pharmacists, mind you can simple, this green youth can not only cope with this smog fox, and saw the four of them coming can keep a straight face, looked calm, he knows this is not what good stubble "so there is no need to say he didn't want to."The contribution value can also be traded?."Thai tiny tiny one Zheng, this he is not asking that Xu Feng."Brother, heard that recently the dry state a group of people come in, I think this is new, just outside with detoxification pill in" so do not afraid of smog fox...."It landed on the Thai people's eyes, was soon to see the identity."It is fearless ignorance" that Xiangxing Lian pharmacists nodded off, no wonder to see his four could be so calm. "Now it is on the outside is a genius, in will himself seriously."Of course you can trade, as long as you will connect your contribution record card out and the next can be traded."But that Xiangxing Lian pharmacists still cautious way."I'm sorry, I'm not that kind of thing...."Thai shrugged, he just a slip of the tongue, is each other through identity. "But he is not afraid, even if these people do, but not easy to get things in his hand."It was a rookie rookie, just in front of us head of garlic...."Hear the Thai answer, the feminine men couldn't play this poem said.How?Are you brother what advice not to become?"Thai lightly says "is still keep a straight face."You still have this smog fox down, you of the things we do not rob the...."The Xiangxing Lian pharmacists and said again, although already know the Thai is a newcomer, but because he is Lian pharmacists soul induction than other people of many "so can still feel that Thai unusual, it is not easily."The elder brother, but this rare opportunity...,,...."Three other people is not frowned, meet new is not easy for them, they went into the Holy Land "Zhenwu so long" just can recharge."You, later I will free refining this medicine to you...."But that Xiangxing Lian pharmacists said.
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