the world is oh so round 

March 04 [Wed], 2009, 1:56
coming along
and turning around,
finding my steps encircling
the circumference of a stupid manhole.

walking by the playground
watching those ecstatic children on the merry-go-round,
it feels as though i'm watching how
i was moulded into this sad fate.
pitiful children.

at the bus stop,
I take a glance through the schedule,
my only bus home is a loop bus.
ill fated it all seems.

i stare into the pet shop's hamster cage,
those poor little things are somehow my favourite animals.
like me, they run along the exercise wheel,
believing they have traveled away.
unable to escape the wheel of fortune.

so entrapped all may seem,
so boring and rigorous life's rules,
so i chose to step out of that wheel,
do what i wanted, smile at my saddest,
and when i broke out,
i found myself an oddball,
forgetting how to return to the system,
and directing the path into His hands.

This risk i must take,
the routine i will forsake.
His love ever so unique,
dye my character with it.
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