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March 27 [Tue], 2012, 15:47
Passing the bookstore, see a female book shop, is about women's day of a promotion, to buy such books get eighty percent. A closer look, interested in books is not much, content is just about beauty, inspirational women. One of them is the attracted me, BiShuMin is the blue heaven ". And for the cause of the interest in this book, it is because of the global travel. "Travel" this two word already deeply attracted me, let alone is to travel around the world. And the BiShuMin travel, is the first Chinese mainland citizens to travel around the world. She spent half of savings, bought a ticket, into the Pacific from yokohama, Japan, journeyed west, azure blue sea failure in day and night more than fifty thousand kilometers, through dozens of countries, with a total of 114 days. Japan travel agency will the global travel called "touch the earth plain yan journey," the earth plain yan, how is the beautiful, this is provides allure extremely words.
Ever heard of $100 could travel around the world, at first just feeling incredible, but instead a thought, this may be an exaggeration, but that can travel wasn't just a play, but there are ways, such as order in advance ticket, design good route etc, so that it can save a lot of money. In reality there are often such problem, the rich people don't have the time, have the time people do not have money, and rich and have time and may not have good body, the situation in the travel often appear before embarrassing. And can BiShuMin such as buying a ticket is minority after all around the world, the need to meet a lot of conditions.
Travel is a dream, however, the dream is part of the plot can be realized. Travel is also a kind of attitude to life, a lot of people feel it in life is essential, like food and sleep, occasionally need to let an eye and mind to go out for a walk to see see. Like reading and women buy clothes, truth, one belongs to the decoration appearance, one belongs to the decoration inside. When reading in the mind, body when travel on the road. As long as in the road, and always have a story to attract you.
On the bookshelf see a lot about travel books, follow the steps of others to travel, feel someone else's travel stories. Life each have each stead, touched that, they put the trip as part of everyday life, they are prepared to travel and effort, and the opportunity to travel along is the them.
Travel is a healthy way of life. Remember in Australia, discovered that people there look at travel is a very simple things, hard after work, simple overindulge ourselves. The people there, every Friday, is ready to how to spend their weekend, go to the park for a walk, the whole family to go to the seaside trip, etc. They will also be in the supermarket open every most night, because a lot of people on Friday will have activities, party. In Keynes's a restaurant to eat lunch, a common s and I talked. He asked me where from China, and then tell me the next month he will go to China travel, two weeks, first go to shenzhen. It's just a job gap between the rest, a normal person, a normal way of life, however, it was good.
As a woman, there are many ways to overindulge ourselves. Reading and travel is right choice, though not necessarily in life to travel around the world, but, nature is the leshan, the wise le water, see mountain water will see harvest. Traveling around the world is to travel, to the surrounding areas for a walk is travel. We can't throughout all of the place, as we can't read all the books, but the process is still is must. Life, as far as possible to go to the place to go to, let the body and mind, in the road. And travel related, and all a gripping story about, all are happy.

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