I'm having a cold...! 

2007年12月14日(金) 3時22分
I've got a bit of cold...yesterday,I had a fevor,the temperture was 38.0 centigree.
But this mornning my fevor was abate.
now my conddition is better!
very puick recovery^^

my long silence 

2007年12月12日(水) 0時38分
I feel very depressed.

For one thing,with the graduate school's entrance exam near at hand,
I must study...but I can't consentrate on my studies.
I'm majoring in psychology.
But now,I'm warried that I have an attitude?...or no attitude...
If I can't pass the exam..........
I can't thinking about future!

came back! 

2007年01月06日(土) 19時04分
I went to gifu;there is my gramma's house.
I ate zoni; soup containing rice cakes which is eaten on New Year's Day,And osechi; special dishes for the New Year.

What with watched TV,played game,did the dishise for 3 hour,and cooked meal and more...
Oh I couldn't a new year sale...
I want to go to shopping!

clean my room 

2006年12月31日(日) 17時53分
We clean the whole house at the end of the year.
today I clean my room.
I vacume the floor,bed and rug aired in the sun and grind window.

very tired...!

birthday party 

2006年12月26日(火) 18時32分
I stayed my friends house 23 to 26.
Her birthday was 24 because we want to celebrate exactly 12:00am at her favorit bar.
But her part time job dragged on until midnight so she took last train.
After all, we couldn't celebrate just 12:00 but we enjoyed irthday perty very much.

24,15 and 26 were chat with har and cooked.

I enjoyed very much!


2006年12月20日(水) 4時56分
Gramma ・・・and many many sweets came my house!
She always want to go out but,she is a convalescent.
I think she had better not travel until she have recovered completely.

I think My family was wild with excitement.

apple juice 

2006年12月18日(月) 7時35分
Recently,I like Minute Maid's apple juice!
But the name is very strange.

"It's feels press juice out of a apple by hand"(手絞り感覚)

Apple is very hard・・・!
I can't press juice out of a apple by hand!
I think almost people can't.
Very strange!


2006年12月11日(月) 11時19分
I bought new MP3.It's a sony(笑)
Because,my old MP3 was sometimes heard strange sound.

New MP3 adoption of a new method;noise canceller.
So very clear sounds.
But a low-pitched sounds are small...
It's little dissatisfied.


2006年12月09日(土) 18時21分
I was shocked.
Because I am under contract to provider.
But the provider break off with my service by their mistake.

I called they several days ago.
I said "I want cancel contract,but I don't contract has yet been concluded
so due on December 8,please"
but suddenly break off ...

I'm very confused.


2006年12月04日(月) 18時06分
I used air conditioner in my room.
Oneday....I forgot change function,cool to warm.
Today....I don't know why,but thermostat set 13℃........
It is natural that my room still cool.
If I hadn't noticed this,I would had felt cold forever!!!
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