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April 26 [Tue], 2011, 18:41

Hello there. I've begun to write about my life on this blog.
You know my English is still REALLY BROKEN and BAD.
So if you found any mistakes on my English,
Please let me know and I'll change the sentences.
I'm poor at English grammar:( But I love English! :)

Today, I went to school because I had to hand in some documents afternoon.
( Now I've been absented from the school for my study abroad. )
I could meet my friends and Ikumi gave me PRETTY GREETING CARD♥

Thank you Ikumi:) We should hold a party in Guam someday!! haha

Maybe I'll go to library tomorrow. I gotta return some books.
Today I have no idea to write something:(
Because there was Nothing to do. Just study English and Watching the Korean drama...

Anyway, that's all, sorry. I should make some topics for tomorrow.

  • プロフィール画像
  • アイコン画像 ニックネーム:あやさん
Hi:) This is Aya.
I'm gonna stay in philippines about 10 month.
On this page, I'll write my life or something. Almost written in English ( But I'm poor at the grammar/: ) Please check this out if you have a free time:)

でもたまに日本語でも書くよ!!コメントは何語でも(・∀・)オッケー! 留学してからは更新率低くなるかもしれないけど、よろしく! 特に休学期間が暇なので、更新率は高くなるんちゃうか思います。

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