September 24 [Mon], 2007, 15:51
In my media survey, I asked 20 students who are 16 to 18 years old about how, when and why

they use media.

- The importance of Internet seem to be growing very fast among teenagers. They use the

internet mainly for entertainment in their spare time, also their study in school. Popular websites

they visit are google (to search), hotmail (for email), myspace, BBC (for news articles), youtube

(videos) and iTunes (music download).

--It was surprising when finding out that myspace is actually a huge combination of different

types of media [PICTURE-APPEARS!!] and becomes a media itself. Its users send less emails because of the messaging function on myspace is quicker. When a user has large number of 'friends' what he/she put onto myspace may be seen by many people (which is what partly what media does).

- People are no longer interested building their own websites because they don't have the skill and patientce to do it for hours. Copy and paste layout codes to myspace profile is so much more easier, and immediately enables user to communicate with other people.

- When it comes to research for studies and courseworks, newspaper and television are still the

most preferred choices for reliable news source. Alternatively, they use reliable websites, such

as the BBC and Channel 4.

- Less people use magazines for school work or even for entrtainment, because some of the

news sections seem outdated and the internet is so much faster for latest news.

Conclusion: Teenagers use the internet mainly for communicating with friends and entertainment, although they still use paper-based media for some of their school work, tradictional media is not so popular now between young people.

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