Udon (うどん) 

September 22 [Sat], 2007, 10:36
This morning, before going to Kamakura,
I ate Udon as my breakfast. The
restaurant is just inside the
shopping area of the Shinjuku
Station. I've been to this restaurant before
and would like to go there again
as the noodles there are cheap and
with various choices, mainly soba
or udon.


People have to eat without a seat.
However, a waitrees took us
to the back of the restaurant where
three seats were availble. I think
she was indeed friendly to foreignors.
Nevertheless, it is actually fine to eat
by standing as only Japanese
have this kind of restaurant!


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Tokyo 2007 

September 21 [Fri], 2007, 19:18
This year, I also paid a visit to Tokyo.
The purpose to go there was FOOD of course.

I had nothing to do for the first day of
arrival since my flight arrived in late
afternoon and there was heavy traffic
jam on the way from Narita Airport to
the city.

I simply enjoyed a dinner with
my friend there. We ate fried
pork in the chain restaurant 和幸,
which is one of my MUST-GO places.

It is just hard to eat good tonkatsu
in Taipei.

tonkatsu-I always ordered the basic

indoors of the restaurant in Takashimaya.

dessert shop in Takashimaya.

my dessert.


September 16 [Sun], 2007, 14:24
Anyway, after going home from
the UK, my main activities

Below is the photo of my buffet lunch
at the Sherwood Hotel.
I ate a lot but only took this photo
to post on this blog.

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Yam-Cha at the Grand Hotel Taipei (1) 

September 15 [Sat], 2007, 13:42
To celebrate my returning to Taipei,
one of my best friends invited me for
a lunch at the Grand Hotel Taipei
(台北圓山大飯店). Many thanks to her!!!

This hotel was actually established
by the famous Madam Chiang (蔣介石夫人).
The Chinese style building was once
the most famous landmark of Taipei.
Though its legends became faded
nowadays, it remains one of the
gorgeous hotels in Taipei.
The famous Korean star-ヨンさま
stayed in this hotel when he
visited Taiwan.

Today we enjoyed yam-cha
( 飲茶) in its 金龍廳. The
food there was really good.
Also, we could see the view of
Tamsui river from the windows.
Each dish (點心) costs about
NTD 100~250.

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looking like a Chinese palace.

Huge lobby.

Crazy Eating -dinner 

September 14 [Fri], 2007, 17:59
I chose shabushabu as my dinner
as it was very hard to eat
that kind of food when I was in London.
I went to the restaurant [天氣圖] and
ordered 海陸鍋 (seafood and pork/chicken/
beef). It was NTD 800, ecquivlent to
about 12 pounds. I could not
eat such kind of food at such price
in London!!

my seafood.

Well, it is not really Japanese
type of shabushabu.
We usually eat in a way like
the traditional pot cooking (火鍋).

dessert and a drink were also included.
You can choose one cake from
various ones.

Crazy Eating -小南門豆花 

September 14 [Fri], 2007, 13:32

After lunch, I walked to the
Breeze Center (微風廣場) for my dessert.
This shopping mall and the other
three SOGO department stores are in
walking distance with each other.
The closest MRT station is 忠孝復興.

[小南門傳統豆花] is my favourite
豆花 shop in Taipei. It has one shop
in the B1 of teh Breeze center.
豆花 is a byproduct when we
make tofu.
Nowadays, we have several kinds
of 豆花. One is traditional type.
Another is tasted like pudding.
I prefer the traditional type with
a bit ginger sauce.
We can eat cold or hot 豆花, and
can choose various topping.

The topping are peanuts, 粉圓 and

Crazy Eating--鼎泰豐小籠包 

September 14 [Fri], 2007, 11:54
My first lunch in Taipei after coming back
from London was "鼎泰豐小籠包."
小籠包 there is delicious but more
expensive than those of other restaurants
in Taipei.
It seemed to be six 小籠包 at a price of
NTD 120.

This time I went to its third restaurant
, which was newly open in the

Except 小籠包,I also ate some other
dishes. But I think 小籠包was the best.
Other dishes were actually so so.

Crowded even in weekdays!

you can see how 小籠包was made.
Well, I didn't have interest to have
a closer look since I don't need to cook after going home!


One of my favourite vegetables
-空心菜. I have not eaten it for one year!
Seems not available in Europe or Japan.

-shirmp dumplings soup

Via Bangkok 

September 13 [Thu], 2007, 15:40
My flight to Taipei was via Bangkok.
I have been to this airport many many
years ago.

"I am back to Asia !" thought I, when I felt the
temperature and humidity immediately after

Once I hestitated which airline I should
take to go home. Finally, I chose the
Taiwanese airline-EVA Airline, which is
the only "direct" flight to Taipei from London
though it still stops at Bangkok.



最後、台湾の飛行機ーEva Airlineを選んだ。
(direct flightの日本語はわからないですから、

In Bangkok Airport.

Hello From White Rabbit 

September 13 [Thu], 2007, 1:58
Dear All,

Welcome to White Rabbit's
hole in Taipei.

Though White Rabbit's daily life
in Taipei can be somehow
boring, he still sincerely wishes to
introduce this amazing and interesting
city to his foreign friends by this
For such purpose, this blog
will be in both English and Japanese.
Any comment in any language
is welcome!!!

Below are some photos of
White Rabbit

Bye-bye, LONDON~~

  • プロフィール画像
  • アイコン画像 ニックネーム:White Rabbit
  • アイコン画像 趣味:
Welcome to White
Rabbit's blog.

Please follow White
Rabbit down to his rabbit
hole in Taipei
and discover this amazing
遅刻だ!(ホワイトラビット)本記事中のスマイリーの画像は、Smiley Central を運営するアスク ドット ジェーピーから使用許諾を受けて掲載しています。 ダンス ガミガミ(マーチヘアー&ホワイトラビット)
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