Fixing Your PS3 Controller Problems  

April 23 [Mon], 2012, 17:45
If you are having PS3 controller problems and don't have a working PS3 controller, you don't have a working PlayStation 3 system and your game playing sessions come to a stop. No matter what the problem is, four blinking lights, out of sync, no Bluetooth connectivity, if it's broken, it needs to be fixed and the least expensive way to fix it is to do it yourself.The most important tool in your toolbox, if you intend to make repairs to PS3 controller problems on your own, is a good PS3 repair manual or guide. With a good guR4ide you can keep your system up and running at minimal cost and minimal loss of playing time. Before we discuss controller repairs using a guide, let's look at a simple procedure that fixes most PS3 controller problems. This procedure works to restore controller operation about 90% of the time. It's worth a try.1. Connect the PlayStation 3 controller to a USB controller charger.2. Press the PS button.3. Remove the USB PS3 controller lead.4. Press the PS button.Hopefully, this solved the PS3 controller problem. It does most激安 マジコン of the time, but if not, there are other fixes you can try. To successfully implement some of the other possible fixes, it's important that you have the suggested PS3 repair guide at the ready.A good repair guide, like the highly recommended PlayStation 3 Repair Guide, will help you to troubleshoot and identify problems with PS3 controllers, as well as other problems, and explain each step of the repair process for each type of problem. This guide is more of a tutorial, a training course with over 77 pages of pictures andマジコン step-by-step instructions. This guide is your best option for making most common repairs required on PS3 systems. Having one will save you both money and time. It's safe to say that if you cannot fix a problem using the PlayStation 3 Repair Guide, then you probably have a problem that can't be fixed without expert help.If you take the self-repair option, which is highly recommended, and you can't fix your PS3 controller problems, you're left with few choices. You'll either have to buy a new PS3 controller or send your PS3R4 通販 system back to the manufacturer for servicing. Either way, you'll incur some serious costs up to an including the cost of a new PlayStation system.Don't be discouraged, however, when the first problem with your controller rears its ugly head. Try the least expensive fix. Try to fix it yourself using your PS3 repair guide. You've noting to lose by doing so, and you may end up saving money and time. Always try to fix your PS3 controller problems yourself before sending your system off with your hard earned cash for repairs.R4i
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