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November 29 [Fri], 2013, 11:47

This is Ernie Zirl joined Arsenal's first penalty shootout loss, this ball will not adversely affect the situation on the outlet? The answer is Yes, but maybe not. Qian five round war strike, arsenal plot 12nike air yeezy 1 uk points ranked group first, Dortmund and Naples are plot 9 points ranked second and third bit, arsenal last a round will parlor war Naples, if can war flat, arsenal on ironclad outlet, due to Arsenal currently net WINS ball for 5 grain, Naples is-1, so as long as arsenal is not late round away fiasco also can ensure outlet, after all home has 2-0 defeated serie a powerhouse between 5 times sent out has threat passing, this a data high home two team debut players of first, Further, he had 1 successful intercept, steals a success rate of 50%, the success rate has reached 50%, while 3 offsides, but 2 shots in the target and reaped 1 assists, assists this season up to 5 times. However, in these data is hidden behind a lot of issues, Ernie Zirl status, I'm afraid is lower.

Ernie Zirl Shang once performance color is in October 19 League arsenal 4-1 Norwich, this bondage he alone in the two Yuan, since that yihou he participate in of 7 field the game no made scored, and only harvest has 2 times assists, Champions League Shang two round two war Dortmund Shi, Ernie Zirl even in 180 minutes within 0 shooting, and singles section day League away 0-1 negative Yu Manchester United a bondage, Ernie Zirl only 1 times shooting, passing errors up to 11 times. Just before the start of the game, many United Kingdom media has referred to, uh, Zirl recently apparent than the beginning of Highbury, while Wenger has stepped in as Professor Ernest Zirl untangle the mass said: "early Zirl joined arsenal was only 3 months old, he did not participate in the team's preseason, he captained the Premiership himself has not yet prepared. He's young, just 25 years old, so he still has room to improve, our team has a lot of players are able to control the ball, but he played middle, therefore the whole team around him to play, but we will not give him any special functions. "However, Wenger just, uh, Zirl is missing a penalty in the Champions League fifth round, I really do not know, at a time when he misses a penalty, and how many people secretly kind of creepy smile. In fact in a slightly teasing tone after the match Arsene Wenger said: "Ernie Zirl misses a penalty? This is good news for England's national team. ”

Ernie Zirl State lower didn't associate is due to he continuous combat let body has too much, since he joined Arsenal yilai, as currently he in Champions League and Premiership continuous play nike air yeezy 2 uk 13 field game, and field field are is starting, except in League first show against Sunderland, later against Swansea City, and Stoke, and Southampton, and today against Marseille Shi kick has more than 80 minutes Hou was replaced, other game are hit full audience, for Arsenal total appearances time reached has 1139 minutes, and this during, Ernie Zirl into 3 ball completed 6 times assists Average 126 minutes to make 1 balls. Perhaps Ernie Zirl, who most need is just rest a little bit. (Nasri) Crown against Marseille battle, not only was a battle between arsenal out of the key or the gunman was his 150th Champions League and No. 250 Europa League matches, was quite memorable. Face early exit Marseille, Wilshire took fans ' eat reassurance for 27 seconds, again after staging the plum blossoms BL, complete the initiative in helping the team staying at the outlet.

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