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November 26 [Tue], 2013, 12:02

Say a few words, but he was stopped by a police officer. Finally, Kaka and Christian Abbiati with the fans are allowed to talk for about 3 minutes. In this conversation, two veteran acknowledged that some players did not play out as desired levels, and has promised the team will redouble its efforts. Through the efforts of Kaka and Christian Abbiati, these extreme fans began slowly dispersed, the bus successfully left the San Siro, Milnike air yeezy 1 uk an and Genoa, but was already midnight precisely because there are plans to sell shares in the post, Moratti was no way served as inter President, or he is in the process of selling, how to address identity issues? This acquisition, media have enough tie, step by step the Moratti family is the face. Same media cooperation programmes, will probably not fit for the future sale of the remaining shares. Therefore, not retiring right now, then when?

Noteworthy as well as small Moratti's role. To note is that as a competence of "third-" small as industrialist Moratti, Grandpa and father. Moratti family in the second generation from industrial transformation of capital operation, while Moratti has been downright investors, managers of.

From this point of view, small starred Moratti in management and as spokesman of the Moratti family 30% shares, and Tohir, who co-produced both sides consider business plan in conjunction, instead of like Moratti in the past mixed with too much emotion, is formed from the last century 60 's emotions. In fact he did deserve to be kicked off the ball: there is such a competition details, 37th minute ruonatan on the right into the area, two Bologna defenders closing down, ruonatan chose "cycling around the cross", and a play are the three! Two steals can't foot the opponent defenders, ruonatan done, then began gently rubbing, the ball from a cross between two guards on the other side, accurate falls on Palacio, who got the wonderful opportunity to head-butt a result, sideways. Wonderful passes and spectacular individual performances. Literally said that the heyday of the wheat hole which is the standard. Ruonatan power show, the teams best manoeuvre the opportunity to score three times, one was his break into two is his outgoing (and second half strike from the right low forest). He deservedly appraised the audience by the media after the game Inter Milan the highest score.

Outstanding performance ruonatan high natural visibility, he also began to accept a "c players" to "star player" role change. Three signals, beginning with transfer gossip. Brazil League this season draws to a close, traditional powers Palmeiras distressed downgradenike air yeezy 2 uk ed "big acquisitions" go Ba Xijia (microblogging themes), new sponsor of Palmeiras locked up ruonatan as foreign aid, but inter's response, of course, is not for sale – Lan Heijun in order not to sell the higher bid made first stranger. Furthermore is pay, ruonatan and inter of contract also has 1.5 years due, Lan Heijun may to he renewal, once renewal, he District 1.2 million euro of salary certainly will get increased; its three is most important of, Brazil rather influence of Lance sports reported under has to Brazil coach Group recommends, will ruonatan called into national team became one training players, once so, ruonatan of worth will hit with roll doubled has.
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