This is the most commonly used lens sunglasses

March 12 [Wed], 2014, 10:09

 How to identify the polarized lenses do? Here are several simple and feasible method:
1, under normal circumstances, polarized sunglasses lenses are affixed in a clear polarized fake cheap oakleys. lens material static electricity standard, or are marked on the product tag using polarized lenses, for example, sent Li Meng product:
2, in the purchase of polarized sunglasses, polarized light can be used to test the test piece. Part of on-chip test pattern is not recognized with the naked eye, and through polarized lenses can be clearly identified. Below:
3, according to the principle of the LCD display, such as mobile phones through the observation of polarized lenses LCD screen, replica oakleys rotating screen, the screen will become black as the rotation, because the screen polarizer filters the light in one direction caused.

Depending on the role of the sunglasses division types:

1, color lenses: It was also known as the “photographic lens.” Because the silver halide in the lenses to add chemicals to the original colorless and transparent lens, case of strong light, will become a colored lens, to do the protection, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

2, anti-reflective protective lens: This lens is coated with a thin layer of magnesium fluoride, to prevent light reflection, so you see things more clearly and without light interference. To really test your glasses with anti-reflective protective lenses, glasses can be aligned light source, if you can see the purple green reflective, replica oakleys. it means the lens does have anti-reflection coated with a protective film. Some companies use a fake oakleys outlet. patented multi-purpose lens (8-layer anti-reflective back coating blue film), so that the lens in addition to a conventional lens function, but also has anti-reflective, anti-fatigue, anti-glare and high contrast of colors, you can clearly feel after wearing fresh vision, as the sense of natural comfort and features vibrant colors.

3 color lenses: also called “stained lens” is in the lens production process, coupled with some chemical substances, so the lens discounted oakley sunglasses showing the color, to absorb specific wavelengths of light. This is the most commonly used lens sunglasses type.

4, coloring lenses: the effect of such lenses and color lenses presents the same, only made in different ways, it is the color applied to the lens surface, the most well known is the “gradient-like coloring the lens” color is above the deepest, and then gradually down light. Generally have more degrees of sunglasses lenses are coated with colored handle.

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