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November 30 [Sat], 2013, 13:00

On his birthday, Giggs says he did not take this matter very seriously, he jokes in order to prevent his teammates for his prank, he will try to avoid going to the training, just stay at home. Giggs said: "apparently, 40 years is a milestone in life, but I try not to think about blazer low I don't think I want to go to training, because I'm not sure younger teammates did all my plans, so I stayed in bed, when the end of the day, I will be very happy. "From the debut date, Giggs has been playing for Manchester United for up to 23 hours, he concedes, the long-term effectiveness of teams is his key to keep your heart and body stability. Giggs said: "if I move to another Club from Manchester United, then maybe I'll retire right now. I'm very lucky to be able to stay in the team, there are many very good players here, and I've got a good coach. In order for his to be able to play, I trained very hard every day, I enjoy it, I want to contribute to this team. ”

According to a report in the daily mail, Ryan Giggs Manchester United 23 career, transfer rumours about him only appear once, it was in the 2002-2003 season, due to injury reasons Ryan Giggs once there have been ups and downs, some radical United fans even gave him boos in the stadium. During that time, Italy media and the United Kingdom have been reported in the media, Ryan Giggs will be 25 million pounds worth of Internazionale [Twitter]. However, as Ryan Giggs status improved, this deal was never developed. In accept interview Shi, Ryan Giggs also said 40 age not is he career of end, he said: "Dang I 17, and 18 age of when, I think 31 age on has old has, but now I are 40 age has, although sometimes feel will some difficult, but I still is enjoy now of State, as long as I of body can keep down, I also will continues to kicked down. I like training, like the races, I also know when to retire. ”

Remove the player's identity, Ryan Giggs is still Manchester United assistant coach, when it comes to this point, Ryan Giggs believes that helping young player growing up was his biggest task. He said, "in this team, I played the role of helping young people grow, I have to let them know about United's history and traditions. When they become complacent, and I needed to tell them to Earth, when they are faced with difficulties, I also try to help them survive. It is my responsibility. "Manchester United in the Premier League this season [microblogging] League performance is not satisfactory, talks nike blazer high about this Giggs behind ', he said:" clearly, Sir Alex Ferguson left the impact was enormous. But ' is one of the most famous coaches, we need to look ahead, I believe that Manchester United will get back on track. "In midfield position, Manchester United [Twitter] [Twitter] intending to introduce in Spain [microblogging] force 24 Athletic Bilbao Spain midfielder Herrera. But for a variety of reasons, Manchester United ultimately failed to smooth him. Recently, the player receives a document called "Espacio Reservado" said in a TV interview: "I am so pleased Manchester United has been trying to introduce in the summer I, but Athletic Bilbao did not accept the offer. And now I want to root yourself in a team, and our team is the best "

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