Qingfeng door to leave the majority of the ring

June 14 [Fri], 2013, 17:33
> Two hundred and sixtieth IX France! Qingfeng majority of the ring on top of the door, Lu Yan stood his masterpiece on the upper and lower body light, strong enough to rì tour of the territory of the perverted concept of God sent around the world continue to learn Reiki, rì the jīng China will fully demonstrate the power of In front of everyone. WWw. qUanBen. COm Lvyan upper and lower body covered by a holy and pure flame, Lu Yan meridians as infuriating to add is the world's most pure aura rì jīng China, Lu Yan is no time consumed by the power of the thick soil impurities floor coverings tactics infuriating and Zhonghua Gate fairy door repair a power law of the gas repair infuriating! Lu Yan in the eyes of the world at this time is the white sè. Pristine white. It was a bright color sè. Lu Yan's eyes did not stay in those pure God-hui world, but looking at the silent man sword Mo snow, the use of the concept of God at any time feeling each other's messages to determine the location of each other. Sense of the idea of ​​God being sent Lu Yan desperately calling, seem so greedy, so hungry, even with a bit cruel means, if the lock on Mo snow that moment, Lu Yan rì tour of the border that Powerful perverted idea of ​​God sent to devour her flesh on the devil. But Lu Yan is clear that he rì tour of the territory issued perverted concept of God is not the devil, but it is now the greedy want to find an opponent, to vent his own power savings only. Lu Yan did not panic, in rì burning flames of jīng China, he opened his own quiet spirit, because he believes his own perverted desire for greed even an opponent, they will not hurt themselves, after all, is the spirit His soul is his three souls and seven soul. Lu Yan certain sense already become instinct, his jīng God, his **, his rì of jīng China flames, and even his gods, his everything, it was his. And precisely because of this, Lu Yan in the battle of the time will not hesitate threw himself into them, each in the battle, he can even leapfrog challenge to beat his opponent. Perhaps the mystery Taoist said yes, Lu Yan is indeed an excellent talent monks practice, but perhaps mystery Taoist and wrong, because Lu Yan could not just an excellent talent cultivation monks, or an ability to fight talent strong monks! Rì endless flame of jīng China by Lu Yan at this time attached to a palm Tianshu sword. Lu Yan's right arm now like a light bridge, connecting the body and Dubhe sword two places. A steady stream of jīng China will rì input to Dubhe flame sword, the sword Dubhe same generous light, but it did not appear that strange variation of jīng China are like rì flame can not unlock its seal-like . But rì of jīng China really can not untie Dubhe flame sword seal it? Everyone is unclear. And to the rì he could feel the jīng Chinese flame, so that the name of Mo Yan Tong Ming disciples were suddenly shrink drama, but in a very short moment where is burning to the gradual wilting, showing shock and fear God sè. That name Myeongjong disciples Mo has felt the jīng China which shares rì powerful flame, it is a horror to make her unable to resist, and even resist the idea of ​​all l did not come out a powerful force. Although Mo is the most powerful Myeongjong one of the Disciples, but this time she was in addition to the fear or fear, or even want out of here now in this moment. But Lu Yan will not give her a chance. Countless rì of jīng China flames ejected from Dubhe sword, almost in an instant Mo's body will be enveloped inside. These supposed to be pure and holy flame rì of jīng China, at this time seem so cold, merciless burning with Mo person sword with frost Jiao Jian Zijian, but for a short moment of time, or did not even have time to blink, that the frost on the outside seems indestructible sword Zijian Jiao has been melted in the hard of them, into a pool of molten dark. But also in the sub-cream Jiao Jian sword melted, then rì of jīng China has not been Lvyan flame control was recovered, because at this time Lvyan wanted to create an accident, one can let the name is called Mo's Myeongjong disciples die in front of their own surprises. So it's cold rì jīng China flames melted the frost Jiao Jian Zijian, to continue the relentless burning TV drama called Mo Ming were disciples, burning with the disciples were called Mo Ming and jīng God's ** . These rì of jīng Chinese flame, at this moment is tantamount to Lu Yan's arm as if he wanted to how you can control how to control,Oakley Sunglasses Active, so he does not at this time be any impact, even with flames issuing rì tour of the territory The burning questions feel. Lu Yan is still shaking hands in Dubhe sword, but at this time in the hands of Lu Yan sword Dubhe is moving, because at this moment Lvyan completely captured Mo figure, sword direct air strikes to break. The sword is the most familiar Lu Yan sword, the sword is the most simple, without any fancy tricks, just a front to back stab away. But is such a simple trick sword, but it is the most powerful possession Lu Yan sword, which is from the original Lu Yan Xiao Xiao mysterious little Lolita learned swordsmanship, called sleeve fencing. And it is this type sleeve fencing, combined with the endless pomp Tianshu sword, does not know how many times to Lu Yan spent storm, so this move is Lvyan strongest sword swordsmanship. "Shua ......" "a sword!" Mo do not have any means to prevent that the carries with rì of jīng Chinese flame Dubhe sword, the body of her body can no longer withstand the kind of rì produce a flame of jīng China The whole body began to appear bloody holes, each hole is a dark one blood, can not see any meaty bones are like the jīng China in rì flame burning into her moment, it has All flesh inside her body turned into a thick bloody, bloody holes gradually flowing down to the ground. Dubhe sword indomitable continue down. Mo again at this time do not know what to do, it will definitely die in front of Lu Yan. So that name is called Mo Ming disciples were denounced in this hand Johnson a cry, like thunder exploding in a ring on top of Qingfeng door. I saw that the name is called Mo Ming disciples were actually at this time to go with their own hands holding Lvyan thorn in the Tianshu sword, as if this can slow down some of her death, or simply an escape from the hands of Lu Yan xìng life the same. But that name is called Mo Ming were disciples how he never imagined when he touches the palm Lu Yan Dubhe sword blade of the moment, its on rì even better than the jīng China enveloped in flames around her even violent. Her hand touches the Dubhe sword, not because of the sleeve Lu Yan fencing "the sword" skills decline, but simply do not care about that name Lu Yan Mo Ming disciples were called the action. Lu Yan seemed unaware that were called disciples Myeongjong inexplicable actions like, head down ineffectively, without a word, continue to move forward and striking. Breath rì of jīng Chinese flame blade will cut Mo palm moment, and then burn into ashes scattered in the earth. Lu Yan slow but unstoppable issued attacks that were called from the inexplicable Myeongjong disciple's body is getting closer, and finally with the "pop" sound piercing Mo's body. Faced death to come, and that name is called Mo Ming were disciples made a final effort, but finally did not hurt Lvyan half a day. That name is called Mo Ming were disciples wanted to burst out at this time, his last jīng force, the use of that monk's unique skills and Lvyan blew pubic die. Now, however, this name is called Mo Ming were disciples die is connected with Lu Yan did not do, which is called the strength of the gap, which is called with this name is called Mo Lu Yan Ming were disciples of the strength of the gap, and now Lu Yan to kill her, if you want to kill Mr. Hung Lu Yan that generally straightforward. Blood. Lu Yan sword piercing in that name were disciples called Mo Ming's body when the body of a breath along the Mo moment throughout her entire body to enter into her gas haydan fields, into the spirit of her , the last being in her nose and mouth became extremely thick blood. Kind of sickening smell of blood is not such a woman xìng monks to endure, and that name is called Mo Ming disciples were ejected at this moment would love this mouthful of blood, but she does not even do it to. It shares the smell of blood, in fact, that name is called Mo Ming disciples were very familiar because she had also killed a man. But she is at this time on this channel atmosphere and familiar and unfamiliar, because she had not felt for many years over his injured feelings, their feeling of death. That road turned into a thick smell of blood was so cold breath is so vast plateau, as if standing on a very distant sky condescending at her. Then the name is called Mo Ming Lu Yan were disciples heard the figure, clearly hear a voice. Originally called that name at this time Mo Ming were disciples thought he was hearing voices, but the sound coming from the road is so clear. Before dying at this time and she heard the sound of the road, of course, is the sound from the mouth Lu Yan. And Lu Yan then spoke to her, and certainly did not want to let go of that name is called Mo Ming disciples were meant, because even Lvyan now want to kill this name is not the name of disciples called Mo is impossible. So at this time, Lu Yan told that the name is called Mo Ming were disciples, why she would be defeated in their own hands the truth, tell her why she would be defeated in their own hands. "You're too weak." The simple words, she withdrew Lu Yan Tianshu sword in their hands, covered in bright is shrouded disappear. At a time in that name is called Mo Ming were disciples who appeared in a knife-edge, which is very straight to the edge, initially in the abdomen, and then extends down to the end, it looks like a straight line the same. Mo incision along the body's blood oozing out of the meat unfold, she now has too much blood flow, and this time her body residual blood, only seepage dripping, it looks more and more miserable. That name is called Mo Ming were disciples did not fall, looked down at his stomach appeared a profound Jianhen, this road Jianhen build the base for a late repair it, or if the offense can not be hurt, but Lu Rock issued the mind is clearly not an ordinary attack attack, so this time, she simply can not afford such a force, or that this force is simply not one of the monks built late can resist, this is simply not name is called Mo Ming disciples were able to resist. In that name is called Mo Ming disciples were still burning on the wounds of jīng China rì flame, because I do not know what the reason that the above rì jīng Chinese flame does not hours. The jīng China in rì flame shining, that were called disciples were watching Mo Ming chest incision, knowing death will soon open. Then that name is called Mo Ming disciples were slowly release his hand, as if to give up all resistance-like closed his eyes, waiting for the final judgment. "Poof ......!" "Puff ......!" "Puff ......!" "Puff ......!" "Puff ......!" "Puff ......!" "Puff ......!" Answered the disciples were called Mo Ming who issued a series of muffled, the surface suddenly caved in, some places are high uplift, fracture meat broken, see traces are like they are being hit with a hammer out of the same. And then all that were called into Mo Lu Yan Ming were disciples of Anjin body, combined with the use of the sword Dubhe to ten cover type, meaning thick soil directly in vivo into the Anjin Mo, The damage could not have her body looks, her meridians can not be repaired damage to the gas haydan her field completely breakdown. That name is called Mo Ming were disciples of entrails all broken, and even can be said to become rotten floc general things. Small muscles of the blood, there are still a lot of visceral blood. That name is called Mo Ming were disciples began coughing up blood, with black sè viscous blood running down his esophagus organ Bay to the mouth, then slowly out of the lips. That name is called Mo Ming disciples were standing in the snow, while coughing up blood, while laughing. And Lu Yan was standing on her Manqian, silent for a long time,Oakley Sunglasses Monster Dog, without showing the slightest hint of a smile lips mean, just so stared at her. Finally, there is no accident, Mo died. Died in the hands of Lu Yan. And when that name is called Mo Ming disciples were dead the moment, her body have not been preserved,Oakley Sports, completely turned into ashes sky. Mess! All messed up! That name is called Mo Ming disciples were dead the moment, Qingfeng door three generations of disciples sent uproar sound, Qingfeng door stared shocked all second-generation disciple of Lu Yan, Qingfeng door generation disciple all the twinkling of an eye, who came Myeongjong side, for fear that people would make clear what were these actions. However, just when everyone nervous, Qingfeng Qingfeng door ten live and elders still sitting there, quietly sitting there as if nothing happened. Myeongjong the owner died in Mo boiling the moment, but they do know this is Qingfeng door, even if they are clear cases where people can not misbehave. Moreover, Lu Yan Mo originally took advantage of a test carried out after a request made with Lu Yan and discussions, so that Mo belonged accounted for opportunities, even at this time can only be killed by Lu Yan said her skills as people, but simply can not find a reason to use this Qingfeng door trouble. Knocked out teeth pharynx to the stomach. It is now able to do Myeongjong thing, but still want Lvyan Myeongjong give him an explanation, explaining why he had to kill Mo. However, just when the Ming were sent people to go and negotiate Qingfeng real time, Mr. Kong suddenly stood up. Mr. Kong is not high, but it seems in the past Lu Yan 185 centimeters, but Mr. Kong to stand up at the moment, Myeongjong people suddenly have felt a wave of deadly atmosphere, while ringing in their minds the previous Myeongjong palm to remind them to teach real word. "Qingfeng door has a surname Kong elders do not want to die to get into trouble." Think of this a real reminder charge of teaching the Word, all disciples of all Myeongjong restrain in the place, who did not dare touch this man's brow . And Mr. Kong after the stand up, slowly walked Lu Yan's side, when he was passing the time, almost everyone did not dare stand in his side. This is Mr. Kong's position in Qingfeng door, this is Mr. Kong has unparalleled strength in the premise, which has the supreme honor, supreme power. "When did you learn." Mr. Kong came to Lu Yan's side, are like brow reveals a dignified, faint asked to Lu Yan said. And after hearing Mr. Kong to raise this issue, Lu Yan smile again, yes, Lu Yan smile again. This is the first time Mr. Kong Lu Yan front so laugh, but he was not mean to laugh so he was very happy, but he was out for himself just to show rì proud of jīng China flames. Lu Yan chuckle followed after, Lu Yan That said, laughing, "I was just to try it." "Ah, good try!" Mr. Kong gently nodded his head, then spoke again and before Lvyan the time, it softly told Lvyan with their own path. And of course, impossible at this time Lvyan disobedience Mr. Kong's words, so after reading the Song Lulu, Wang Meng, Chen Dong a, inform themselves together to keep Mr. Kong was gone, Lu Yan to follow the footsteps of Mr. Kong Qingfeng door left majority in the ring, vibrate in the eyes of many people surprised Qingfeng door to leave the majority of the ring lies. Lu Yan has gone, along with Mr. Kong gone. Even now people who were looking out Qingfeng discuss a real talk, we know who to turn to discuss the comments. So now they're just sitting there silent, but silence does not mean they will be swallowed because this breath, waiting for the day they opened the mirror of the moment, at which time they can find a Lvyan further retaliation. And on the other side, see Mr. Kong Qingfeng live away Lu Yan, only nodded slightly, then it was announced after the end of the majority, winning four Qingfeng door three generations of disciples and told them to get up to Gone are the days of the mirror places. But in reality announcing it Qingfeng, when Lu Yan is already followed by Mr. Kong came to the door being Qingfeng, but also in their walk with Lu Yan seems Mr. Kong is a place where much of the mountain! Undoubtedly, it makes Lu Yan feel fear, because the last time Mr. Kong took him to the mountain, when exactly will he held in the mountain as much as a year. And in Lv Yanhuai with such disturbed mood, really Mr. Kong with Lu Yan once again came to the mountain once again came to the cave Baidu search Read the latest and most complete novels <
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