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July 05 [Fri], 2013, 16:55
> Dark night sky, a bright moon hanging in the sky,Oakley Sunglasses HIJINX, shed silvery brilliance. WWw.qUANbEn.CoM Qiyun and Rabbit scattered people, then rode the night wind over the mountains, fast unto the ancient, mysterious, vast wilderness temple buildings fly. "Ah? What is that?" Suddenly, Qiyun looked up and look into the distance, in the dark night sky, there are a bunch of flames, than the silver moonlight even brighter, but beams but did not let the flame felt a warm feeling, but rather some branching. Rabbit people see the beam of scattered flames, looked startled, his face slightly changed, said: "It was wild fire temple immortal demon, has many magical powers, it seems that the secret temple involving wild, who do not know, but Savage Temple in the sky, has always had such a bunch of demon fire, hundreds of years have not been extinguished, the Temple of the people in this wild bunch flame extremely seriously, it seems like a totem in general, those Nanban ignorance of ordinary people, they see the fire bow, as gods! "" Oh? immortal demon fire, wild Shrine indeed quite mysterious, I do not know in the end the fire of the mass, which contains a thrill of horror but the strength of my body smooth and slick tower are some around the corner , it is a bit bad, it seems that this time we really have to be careful! "Qiyun saw the flame, always bold face showing a cautious look. Desolate,Oakley Sunglasses Lifestyle Cheap, ancient, mysterious wilderness temple, has been is the mystery of the Incarnation, dominating the entire Nanban, all the world is always forbidden ascetics. But this time, the Temple of emptiness in the wild, with many variations, caused a faint vibration strength is there uninvited visit. Whirlwind blowing the emptiness, from out of a whirlwind among the vain old man with long hair and costumes. "Great ice shrine Xuanbing Road Shanghai visit, I invite you to wild out a fellow Temple see!" This old man whole body exudes Senleng chill, it seems that the whole person is an ice sculpture, both in the air around the body crystal-like condensation and fall to the ground, showing seasoned deep cultivation. However, Xuanbing seasoned forceful voice rolling away, the sound floating a few years, but that huge wilderness shrine seemed no trace of the movement is still very quiet. Xuanbing seasoned face some ugly. "Haha, Xuanbing Road, do you think anyone else among the world ice shrine bird you what?" Bold voice resounded through the sky, the space around since the collapse, officials seem to have the slightest ripples. From emptiness, vain floated a regiment fog mist drift, revealing an upright posture, the whole body has shares arrogance of the world, the lone Miles peerless grace atmosphere. This man appeared, ice shrine Xuanbing child immediately look for a change, and his face looks a little ugly. "God doeth scattered people, the way you talk to a seasoned, do you really want and ice shrine enemies?" Xuanbing scattered people look bad, some indignant tone,Oakley For Cheap, but actually contains a deep frustration, it seems that this line of God scattered people like helpless . "Haha, Xuanbing seasoned, they must not carried out of the ice shrine to pressure me, even if you personally come to the ice shrine Miyaji, how? Sidewalk who want to stay away my God, this world is a misty scattered people besides, there are Who blocked lives I? "This Taoist, is known world, unaffected, and the world, one of the eight scattered line of God scattered people. Row cultivation scattered people of God while not high, but there are also the first step Dzogchen Yishan repair, eight in the world is the leader among the scattered people, especially those with a doorway surgery, twinkling Miles, this Taoism, simply Guards, a breathing room, able to fly thousands of miles away, called the world will first rapidly, so it just got a line of scattered people of God's name first, this world, the gods in addition to outside, people do not fear God, OK scattered others, no one can hold him. "You ......" Xuanbing seasoned face flushed with anger, raising his hand, the hand that brought a sparkling silver circles. This circle is one of four treasures ice shrine, punch hit, trapping the party will be able to void, the temperature plunged, the raw life trapped inside, frozen into ice, no vitality, is a extremely powerful magic. Ice Shrine rumor is a mighty gods of ancient ice under the preaching of God Orthodoxy, has been a big Shendi Guo stayed far north, where the sparsely populated, snow and ice, was revered as a great Shendi Guo protect the country and polytheism. Only just come out from the ice palace Xuanbing Taoist god, I do not know why the lone world, God doeth God Miles row scattered people with hatred, provoke lines scattered people of God, that is more than any one person should provoke headaches. "How? Want to get involved, hey, Xuanbing Road, you have God ice ring, I'm not your opponent, but you can never expect nothing got me, but this time you came here to fish in troubled waters, in the chaos to get cheap, want day Penalty hands stuff, although I am not your opponent, but bad for your good or can do! "God doeth scattered people do not care Xuanbing Taoist god ice ring, his magical Taoism, can God doeth Miles , who could not reach him. "Call" line of God scattered people watching so rogue practices, Rao is also Taoist monastic years Xuanbing not a temper, gradually closing the circle of God ice, hand over: "Just when things Pei Bushi Road to the previous, the Friends do not look to God doers of the word is unpopular! "" Well, Xuanbing Road, you come out from the ice shrine, arrogant, thinking that God had ice ring, that is rare in the world, are all rivals, and this time I even told you consume in the end, ha ha! "strange character line of God scattered people, those who mess with him, then it is as if an obstinacy in general, shaken off. The eyes of the beholder a significant Xuanbing Taoist, without warning, a little hand forward, hands Yinmang flash, do not know when God ice ring has roared out, sway stained silver point, it was a mysterious air immediately forces confined to live, and instantly dropped to arctic proportions. This arctic, do not know how cold, even cultivators, body wash day is spiritual power, are resolved to withstand, moment will be frozen, and even the Pill will be frozen for the first time, without the slightest chance of resistance. "Haha, Xuanbing Road, you angry a little, but you break this circle still could not reach me! God doeth Miles, escape!" God doeth scattered people did not care that the slightest chill, the people have issued a white light, momentary then disappear invisible, God line thousands of miles, has long been do not know where to go to escape. "Hateful, hateful, pediatric line of God, you hold if more entangled, seasoned it with you not laid down arms!" Xuanbing seasoned Seeing no alternative, the line of God scattered people of Taoism extremely's alone, the storm also trapped live, kill it kill, is really a headache number one among the world figure. www. <
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