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November 23 [Sat], 2013, 11:37
People familiar with him was very clearly, even if it is already world champion and European champion, low-key and unassuming personality labels always Iniesta, he always over saying: "football and love my people gave me a lot, so I must try to return more people. "Right now, Chinese fans nicknamed" white ", he is also trying to dream for Chinese football and football people do something about it. On November 18, has poured into the small white charity auction of too much emotion, Titan official shop ( air yeezy 1 uk officially kicked off this season's La Liga Barcelona and Real Madrid in the first leg of national Derby occasion in my regular meeting with the niesita team, little white heard about Hainan Qiongzhong women's self-reliance, courage, dream story. Girls of Qiongzhong and despite having never met before, but their stories were very moved by small white with mixed feelings.

Thus, the world champion deliberately at the national Derby start date (October 26), dedicated to the author provides a meaningful special and has its own autographed jerseys of Barcelona, commissioned the Titan for a charity auction, and proceeds to buy football equipment, donated to the Qiongzhong women's soccer. In the Derby, war, Iniesta fairy-like assists, helped neimaer first record, Barcelona eventually defeated Real Madrid 2:1; October 26 little white Jersey makes more sense. When you got the shirt, I know it's not just a shirt. For many years, soccer has given me many opportunities to deal with many stars, but also because of football, I see a lot of different stars before and after fame. Andres Iniesta, pure love, as always. Indeed, this daily a lot of auctions in the world, but we know we have to do more than just an auction, it is a transitional one nationality and the boundaries of emotion and love to convey and transfer. Maybe is a deep understanding of China is not because after giving away jerseys, Andres Iniesta also special attention to the author said that in case the auction is not satisfactory, in case of need, he himself took the shirt at high prices, helps Qiongzhong women's soccer by his deeds.

I believe that, when readers know this, you'll really understand "Iniesta is more than a player" the full meaning of this sentence; and I firmly believe that, through a collection of what we all love, it will be an attractive and successful charity auction on November 13, Spain national team showed for the first time the Matador regiments in the 2014 Brazil nike air yeezy 2 uk World Cup games, upper body wearing a new shirt. That night, Andres Iniesta once again to use the author, told me that he gives the Qiongzhong supplementary presented for women soccer Spain national team 2010 World Cup and the 2014 World Cup 6th number one or two, he looks forward to Qiongzhong to more football and women's soccer girls life high impact.

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