even though the ancestral god Ju Yi

January 24 [Thu], 2013, 12:55
In front of the majestic mountains, Brutish rampant. Original mountain, towering old trees, crown the high days of plant-old trees are, plant huge canopy radius of enough to have a dozen, as if the clouds of Jusan. Inhabit some ancient raptor above all the terrible dissimilar wings expand Zhetianbiri, eyes fiercely as lightning bright. Long beep sounds coming from the sky, like the stone of sound was deafening, a raptor Gudang from blowing winds, huge claws enough to tear the dragon, toward the bottom of a solitary outsider semi progenitor captured. Light pair of gleaming Juzhua up to Baizhang, like God the iron generally Senhan the cold, murderous pressing. "Niexu killed!" And other ancient birds of prey, strong enough to kill typical character, but do not have any chance of winning the first half of the ancestral remains. "Rip" that blew the whistle on a semi progenitor bayan the multicolored Guanghua, Jianmang the red empty, carnage darting. "Do not be the next killer!" Just then, the outsider ancestral god Lulupeisi suddenly, opening gazing bird giant bird, like found anything unusual. But after all, late, crushing void Jianqi, the giant bird Xingshenjumie, large tracts of blood spilled red mountains. Outsider progenitor cheeky of God LanYu peak color, look to Lulupeisi, said: "You feel it?" Yes, seems to be the legendary monster! "Lulupeisi solemn-faced. At this point, the progenitor of the presence of a half has been sensitive to the front spreading waves of the sea howling, this is not the illusion of the original in front of the mountains is a vast expanse of water Air Max Terra Ninety Mens Sale. Although far away from here, but for this series of strong, there is nothing can be moments piercing and to. Tsunami bursts, contains an extremely horrible atmosphere. The posterior long been cut off, the way forward seems to be unknown danger. Blew skies, the many ancient raptor spinner, hostile to the front of the crowd below, the head pretty Avian actually reached the semi-ancestral realm, looking down in the sky, even though sensitive to the ancestral God's breath, there is no backoff. "However, some demon poultry only, what need scruples, kill." Half fathers want to be shot. However, after the ancestral god cold Mouguang see several outsider, he immediately kept silent, retreat to the side. "Rumbling" At this point, far in front of the high seas roaring, huge waves in my high days, the vast expanse of the air waves is much higher than the mountains. To be worth a hundred mountain giant fish, prance out of the water into a golden Bird in foot wings expand several thousand miles, its wing, if the vertical days of cloud cover rope heaven and earth, God Yu sky map into gold. "Ancient demon fowl ancestors" Kunpeng! "The eyes of the outsider ancestral God Al SG Zhanzhan Kun large, I do not know its thousands of miles also; Peng's back, I do not know its thousands of miles also. Kun into a bird, its name is Peng but ancient demon fowl ancestors and Zodiac battle progenitor in general, not the ancestral god, but has a comparable progenitor the terrorist combat power of the strong level of God, and this Kunpeng is even older than twelve war progenitor many antiques. "This guy is not to be beheaded, how will appear again ...... "outsider ancestral god's face is not very nice." It was to be beheaded, but its body but disappeared. "... Ancient connectivity, even though the reproduction of some of the dead characters, is also a lot of money unheard." Lan Yu peaks face the cold, he felt very bad. The demon poultry Laozu Kunpeng, a huge gold wings swept mountains, the huge mountain of a radius of a few miles, like dust generally flew more than half, and then crushed in the sky. The thunderous noise, like the nine days of thunder, deafening. This power and influence is really appalling, and that far in front, more endless stormy sea from the giant sea sky, and the sky are all connected to together. "Unauthorized entry to a off-limits, and beheaded my children, when punish!" The giant bird only blotting out the sun in the sky, mouth indifference voice. "You kill it kill it?" Outsider ancestral God Al look cold, staring at the sky Kunpeng. "I say kill kill!" Amid the extension of the extension, the mighty sky near Miles of giant bird suddenly diving the massive claws tearing under strong Gangfeng suddenly cracked earth. Mountains collapse, such as papered vulnerable. This is the strength of the ancient ancestors of class warfare, the powerful ancestral god must discoloration! Al sky, against Kunpeng, the deity 30 king ghost came to him in front of different posture, through the hair with earth-shattering Weili with repression KUNPENG. This is the outsider ancestral god Ayr's concept of God, is a transcendent supernatural powers, thirty-six god king can be closed heaven. Trail Dole! "The huge Bird in the sky, turned over, Cuikulaxiu deity thirty-six the king an instant ashes pair of huge gold wings such as being able to destroy the world, beneath the endless mountains are crushed fly ash. At the same time, half of the progenitor shot kill ancient Raptor suddenly issued a scream, "bang" into minced meat, blood spatter Canada Goose Hybridge Lite, then Xingshenjumie. The presence of several outsider ancestral god suddenly frowning exception does not look good. Front of their face, silent kill a half fathers, it is so that they can see the disgrace n Kunpeng strong, worthy of ancient warfare progenitor. "Kill him!" Cold and Lulupeisi face, head rush high days. Lan Yu Feng followed, and then another two ancestral God: five outsider ancestral god in the sky surrounded by clouds of huge Bird in all murderous Sensen. "Boom, five powerful ancestral God at the same time shot anyone should frowning face of such scenes, no one can ignore. Supernatural power like fireworks generally in the combustion, this piece of the sky completely seal sleepy bird giant bird in the inside powder squatting space, constantly struggling. heard shouts and Kunpeng whole body Kim Ji God feathers all fear of falling into ten million golden SG vigorous tear space was being detained. "Niexu you on The five of us dared insolent "certain death!" outsider ancestral god all look cold continued suppression of this world in the giant bird. But surprisingly, gills Peng means too intense, all God Yu all collapse the Aveo, burning into golden flames, with rushed outsider ancestral god El. And, he vapid devastated, not terribly generally rushed Al. Killed! "Kill! "Five strong shot at the same time, Conspire cloud cover for rain, culling Kunpeng, bang, Kunpeng body torn apart, into the endless shower of blood, but the burning God Yu, and the body is still chipping into the desert like the divine shrouded outsider ancestral god El. This is clearly in a desperate attempt, he did not escape the all attack force plus body stubborn rushed Al. "Damn, Ayr shocked and angry. The powerful war progenitor so desperately, he suffered a great deal of passive under threat. Gorgeous SG turned, Kunpeng combustion of divine power, swept Al sustains the void , bang, outsider ancestral god El, Menheng body cracks, inverted out very far before stabilizing to go live in stature, quick fix body the five ancestral god and some do not understand, this is crazy Kunpeng, regardless of their own the lives of desperate shot, it is a little scary. "exterminate his let him Xingshenjumie, difficult to reproduce forever! "Al sound Senhan watchful eyes, he was actually the creators really lost face. The five ancestral god Exhibition his secrets, repression to the antique war progenitor." Hum hum "Kunpeng issued such laughter, God-hui out of fragmentation of the body, he had to give up the flesh burning spirit through space, kill once again to Al. "Al feels difficult to understand, just this guy really mad, burning spirit, and so in self-destruct! completely desperately posture in order to hit Ayr the five ancestral god all discoloration, Kunpeng really crazy, instant spirit burning 70%, enveloped Al this is simply not going to let yourself live, completely destroy the enemy self-destruct! at this moment, all of them are cast thorny kill Kunpeng. "Boom, Al pieces, wrap the burning spirit, almost followed the burning up. Xuewu spring Teng Air Max 90 Sale, bone fragments splash Al wrath, this time he has suffered unimaginable hit badly hurt. Spirit - the Kunpeng that the remaining three percent, still burning, and die endlessly chase to Al. Moment, Al was really a bit angry, which leaves the adversary is crazy, completely self-destruct itself to the point of Xingshenjumie. Killed! "Lulupeisi and Lan Yu peak work together to reposition itself in a 33-storey Guta repression supreme the ancestral god's treasure unto them on the three into the spirit. Face of this incomprehensible madman only make haste to kill the job, otherwise the consequences will be unimaginable, H, heaven and earth vibrations thirty Triple the Guta moment amplification, the Kunpeng the huge spirit suddenly enveloped the vastness of divine power, as if the ocean surging. The pagoda divinity inscrutable, three into the spirit faded away, the the five ancestral god shock divine pagoda shaking the Kunpeng thoroughly ashes. Fragmented earth Kunpeng that body, all flesh and turned it into fly ash, leaving only one root of terror bones, like a big mountain in general, stands in the ground. Behind half progenitor of heart for all spectators awe-inspiring. Although culling Kunpeng, but of Lan Yu peaks with Al are very uneasy, Kunpeng behavior is too extreme, this is very normal. "We are dangerous" in this dead Lulupeisi suddenly so open road. "You perceive what?" Kunpeng a long-dead, and we are moving towards the ancient times to meet with him here to kill, which seems to "hear Lulupeisi so to say, the hearts of several ancestral god are surprised . "This family is horrible, Kunpeng is the progenitor of the war dead, and they borrowed reasonable time and space in the past. Has long ceased to exist in the real world, but in such a way, the link with the distant ancient" That is, we can not change the past, but towards the ancient, but here people can kill us. Soon after, Kunpeng will be resurrected, and he knows that we are the next person. Maybe we'll meet again go more terrifying figure, "Here, all five ancestral god Shen on, this is a terrible thing, they are useful willing to be Quanmie the ancient times: the metamorphosis of the family, how they do "I think maybe we are too pessimistic, we can not experience past all powerful figure. , This family metamorphosis connections between past and present, can not you really, as the ability to exterminate my profession is not impossible. ", Yes, perhaps his door in this particular time and space layout, but we can not encounter all the horrors figures ... the final five ancestral god seems to want to understand some things, is not so horror hearts. However, very optimistic, and they could not find a way out. Despite constant bombardment supreme ancestral god thirty three Guta, also can not open any of a way out. , It seems we only have two choices. One is never stagnant, dying in here. The second is to continue to move forward, went to the end of the ancient, the face of the family, played a road. Dying in here, no one wants to. If, however, come to an end, in the face of that terrorist's family, even though the ancestral god Ju Yi. "Select forward, do not have to come to an end, perhaps in half on the road, we will find or perhaps to the way out. "Ultimately, the five largest ancestral god made a decision to go the rear of many semi-Zu, looking calm, but the heart he somersault from blowing wave relentless the five ancestral god Guta open, to begin a new journey. Crossed the oceans, the front endless earth Xiao morning with Keke followed white small mammals is very excited about it perceived the familiar force is moving toward his family powerhouse undoubtedly Oh My God "have been lazy little thing, today seems to be particularly lively . Suddenly, xiaochen shocked, he saw the corner of Broken array map with five swords turned over to Mimi misty, shocked the world: "... Broken array map!", We ... "Little things see immediately sky, you want to come to Paradise Lost received but one was broken array map, silently bypass over Keke outsmarted. xiaochen shocking moment, have (half-dream Hand) thirty swords resorted to, Broken array Figure rotating slowly, the sky away with him, chasing flying array map 向那 angle, however, any of his speed also reached the extreme useless catch up the moment, that corner of the array graph with five swords suddenly disappear, broken world shielded away, how can it be gone? "Xiao morning unfortunately. Yes, the last time I see diagonal matrix in Fig. "Gold three hundred million Paradise Lost cried. Himself in xiaochen" they lost in time and space of the past, it really will never not be recovered this? "Finally, they hit the road again for the outsider is all the stronger, which is a nightmare journey, the next they met the three dead terrorist character, if not for the presence or absence on the 33-storey ancestral god Guta in hand, repression three powerful rivals of one or two of them probably dangerous. Nevertheless, a few people or light or heavy suffered trauma. "this perverted family, which already do not know Al several times so that the mantra so powerful outsider ancestral god, Keke terrible can imagine this family. Do not say, we may come to an end! Bu, "Lan Yu Jun Di in front of a huge valley, better than the general area of ​​plains surrounded by tall Kamiyama magic clock surrounded million years old vines coarse incomparable stretches from one hilltop to another hill, they have not fall back on the big tree growth, but students in the winding mountain valley around this Furuto countless open valley like a plain open many monuments. the temples Qingta, Rendezvous down bifida, pavilions junk. loses sight of a shortage. "Damn ............ Keke far looked emotional. Distant end is a lot of ruins. However, the most shocking is that, much as a huge field of view at the end of the ancient city! Also very similar to the houses of the city, much like the Pacific Magic City! Xiao Chen then was shocked. Front of outsider ZhuJiang near the great ancient city, they also quells bad this family really perverted! "In the distant past, this family It was also reached that step also even than the Emperor of Heaven! "Five ancestral god obviously extremely shocked at this point, Lulupeisi like what fear things point pointing to a huge ancient city, the arms are trembling, the sound is more tremble, said:" city within a city grow .
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